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Central Park appears in radiant red hues, the sky and water in luscious turquoise – Paolo Pettigiani’s infrared images transform New York into a surreal landscape, revealing a completely new perspective on the city of cities.

Popular in the 1960s thanks to is psychedelic appearance, infrared photography is making a comeback in the art world. Richard Mosse, winner of the 2014 Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize for his images of war in the Congo, is perhaps the most famous proponent of the technique. The disassociation created by what is known as “false colour film” produces a powerful effect, in particular when used for landscape photography. This is because the green pigment found in plants, chlorophyll, appears transparent in infrared and therefore reflects the light. The specific filter Pettigiani uses makes the foliage appear reddish.

Infrared photography’s enhanced contrasts and improved visibility give the images in Pettigiani’s Infrared an unreal, intense appearance that is positively mesmerizing!

Daniela Kummle