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Discover exclusive gifts from LUMAS! These curated gift guides will help you find the perfect presents.

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Exclusive gifts for the man who has nearly everything. Find gifts for him

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Shopping for a wife, girlfriend, or daughter? Discover breathtaking gifts for her

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As meaningful as your friendship. Find art for your best friends

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Artworks for a happy home – shop perfect presents for two

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Art lasts longer than flowers. Discover gifts for friends and coworkers

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Make a lasting impression. Discover gifts for business partners

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Exclusive luxury gifts

Stunning ideas for the bare wall over the couch. Find gift ideas for the living room

A luxury gift

These artworks are what sweet dreams are made of. Discover art for the bedroom

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Quality photo art to whet the appetite. Discover art for the kitchen or dining room

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For fans of a purist aesthetic. Find gift ideas for minimalists

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Pictures that harness the power of nature. Find presents for nature lovers

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Photo art with a vintage charm. Discover luxury gifts for fans of retro looks

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These are our most popular gifts. Discover bestselling gifts

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Our most popular pieces in small sized, Open Editions. Shop our Minis

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3D prints of cities, sophisticated porcelain plates, and more. Discover artful, giftable design objects

Luxury gifts

From lifestyle to photography, find perfect presents for aesthetes and bookworms. Browse coffee table books

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Unforgettable luxury gifts. Discover large-scale gifts

Luxury gifts

Stylishly framed art in Open Editions. Discover the Classics

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Always the perfect gift. Shop gift certificates

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Luxury gifts

Meaningful mementos at great prices. Find gifts under £100

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Diverse art at affordable prices. Find gifts under £300

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Luxurious gift ideas for people with the highest standards. Discover gifts under £600