How to Hang Your LUMAS Art

So you’ve found your favourite LUMAS works, but you need some inspiration for where and how to hang them? Look no further! We have a handful of very practical picture hanging tips and numerous suggestions for gallery walls that are popular in both professional and private settings!

Inspiring Ideas for Designing Your Own Gallery Wall

Picture Hanging in 8 Simple Steps

1. Pick Your Theme

Which artwork do you want to put in the limelight? Or would you like to combine multiple pieces? Selecting the pictures you want to display is the foundation of every gallery wall. You may want to consider a theme for your gallery wall, whether it’s based around your favourite picture, a colour scheme, a certain motif, etc. This makes for a self-contained and especially expressive display.

2. Choose Where To Hang Your Art

Do you have large open spaces on your walls? Or do you already have a particular spot in mind for your LUMAS piece? Large compositions require more space, whereas smaller clusters work wonders in tight spaces. Either way, a neutral-coloured wall is a plus, allowing LUMAS editions to really shine. If you have colourful or patterned wallpaper, passe-partouts create a calming border between the image and the wall.

3. Put Your Pictures in the Right Light

Harsh daylight and artificial lighting can greatly influence the luminosity and crispness of your pictures. While you want to avoid dark corners, you also want to keep your pictures out of direct sunlight, which can cause them to fade. Ideally, you want to have even, diffused lighting or clever light accents from gallery spotlights.

4. Incorporate the Interior Design

For a harmonious gallery wall, the proportions of the furnishings can be very important. For example, large-format statement pieces go remarkably well above massive bureaus, whereas smaller editions are the perfect complement to a small end table. A general rule of thumb: the art should be between 2/3 and 3/4 the width of the furniture. Be sure to give displays above the sofa some breathing room: 20 to 30 cm from the top of the backrest to the bottom of the frame should do it!

From twine to pliers, here’s everything you could ever need to hang a picture.

5. Consider the Viewing Angle

Displaying your pictures in the hallway, living room, or bedroom? The way people move through the room and the height from which they will view the pictures should play a decisive role in how you arrange the art. It is ideal to hang works with their center at eye level, or with a third of the picture above eye level and two thirds below. This is the best way to observe all the nuances in very detailed images. The pros hang pictures with the center at a height of 1.5 metres.

6. Arrange the Pictures

Do you like clearly defined lines, or would you prefer a more casual-looking gallery wall? No matter how you want to display your pictures, you can harmoniously combine different formats, frames, and subject matter. The horizontal and vertical edges are a great place to start – extend them into imaginary guidelines and create rows and crosses in your gallery wall. See our gallery wall suggestions for more inspiration.

7. Try It Out

Before you put any holes in your wall, it’s a great idea to sketch the layout of your gallery wall first. You can also cut pieces of paper the size of your pictures and use painter’s tape to arrange them on the wall in the desired positions. Both will give you a good idea of how your composition will look. Another practical option is to lay your pictures out on the floor and rearrange them until you find the perfect layout.

8. Hang Your Artworks

Is your wall solid concrete or simple plaster? Be sure to use the correct screw anchors and screws to make sure your LUMAS works are securely hung. Start with the central picture and add the rest around it. Mark the spots where the screws go. If you use the paper approach in step 7, you can drill straight through the paper before removing it. If you need multiple screws per picture or would like to hang multiple pieces at the same height, it is best to use a level.

With LUMAS editions, actually hanging the picture is easy. We deliver our mounted editions with a professional rail attached to the back. The corners of our framed editions have metal hooks with a sawtooth shape that provides a secure grip and keeps pictures from hanging crooked.

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