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Boglárka Nagy

Background Information about Boglárka Nagy


“I love explosions of colour and the warmth of the sun’s rays,” says artist Boglárka Nagy, who describes sun, water, and air as the essential foundations of physical existence. Sun, Water, Air is also the title of a series of works in which she breathes pure energy into figures in the maritime heat. With bold colours and luminous contrasts, her works are overflowing with joie de vivre.

In her summery works, the artist creates a light and an upbeat atmosphere. Nagy plays with colour contrasts in warm reds and cool shades of blue and white to create the “warmth of boundless freedom.” The desired effect is immediate. The longer you look at the vibrant works of art, the more you are filled with their vitalizing and liberating spirit.


Hungarian artist Boglárka Nagy studied at the Art and Design University of Cluj-Napoca in Romania. Her work has appeared in many international exhibitions, including at the Ernst Fuchs Museum in Vienna. In 2014 Nagy won the Gundel Art Award in the Fine Arts category, and her work has been sold in renowned auction houses such as Sotheby’s London.