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Embark on a journey through Cuba with artist Werner Pawlok's stunning portrayal of Havana's iconic staircases.

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Werner Pawlok

The impressive work of self-taught artist Werner Pawlok is driven by passion, sensuality and diversity - just like the Cuban capital he captures in his photographs. The Caribbean metropolis casts an irresistible spell over people: with its bright colors, its warm-hearted inhabitants, its moving history and its mesmerizing coastal flair. The vibrant city bursts with life, hides countless secrets and bears traces of centuries of history. Werner Pawlok masters the art of breaking down the essence of things and bringing them back to life within his art.

With his incomparable observant eye, he spots the exact right place to tell meaningful stories. His work is all about intensity – from the richness in history to the radiance of the colors and the artistic process behind each piece. The photographs he takes with one of two existing large-format Polaroid cameras in the world are complimented with paintings. Anyone who encounters the Cuban magic of Werner Pawlok's Havana Stairs will sense their inspiring nature. Find out where they will take you.


— Mark Kurlansky

When did you become interested in art? How did it all begin?

For me, art is first and foremost a feeling. I see art as life, not as galleries, collectors, money, etc. Every day brings new experiences which resonate with me and eventually transform into energy, which I use to create images. I’ve experienced this feeling since youth and not much has changed since. It all began with a camera that my parents gave me as a birthday present when I was little. For me this was a direct way to transform observations into pictures.

How would you describe your work process?

Generally, my work process is always different. It depends on the specific project I’ve chosen. Before I start a series, I decide which technical equipment I'm going to use – and, at this stage, I question whether any new technology is available that I’d like to incorporate into my process. I love the risk involved and how it keeps things new and interesting. It’s important for me to fully understand the work process so that I can implement it properly an achieve my vision.

Who inspires you?

During a recent trip to Venice, I had the opportunity to see the Uncertainties Installation in the Spanish Pavilion at the Architecture Biennale, and I was quite impressed. The floor-to-ceiling exhibition, created using thousands of pieces of paper related to the pandemic and the Spanish real estate bubble, maintains a sense of lightness despite its density. It was created by Itzar Okariz and Sergio Prego.

Which artists/works of art are you particularly impressed with at the moment?

Classic photographers never fail to impress me. Man Ray, Erwin Blumenfeld and Irvin Penn, to name a few.

What distinguishes a good work of art?

If I am satisfied with the result of my creative process and of course, if it is appreciated by exhibition visitors.

What is the purpose of art?

Above all, to inspire.

What project are you working on at the moment?

I am currently working on my new book Dimore Veneziane. It’s a photographic love letter to Venice. The development of this project is particularly interesting. I began with photographs of palazzi on the Grand Canal and it evolved into a multi-layered, multimedia project with many different facets. It is quite different from my previous projects, both in terms of visual language and thematic range.

Does art bring about happiness?

It is not art, but life that should make one happy, and art is an essential part of life!


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