Wall Objects

Wolfgang Uhlig

Soothing Seascape in an Asymmetrical Diptych

Wolfgang Uhlig: Oceano Atlantico

Wolfgang Uhlig: Oceano Atlantico

A Wolfgang Uhlig Seescape Diptych

Uhlig's asymmetrical diptychs lead viewers on a captivating visual journey

By splitting the image, Wolfgang Uhlig deliberately guides our attention from one part of the picture to the other. The asymmetrical diptych in a white floater frame creates an interruption in the horizon and sea. In this way, Uhlig reveals a new perspective, transforming a seascape off the coast of Sardinia into a stunning wall object.

Renaud Delorme

Multi-Layer Wall Art

Renaud Delorme: Kate

Renaud Delorme: Kate

Close-up of the layered artwork

Close-up of the layered artwork

The layered wall objects by Renaud Delorme are nearly an optical illusion at first glance. Their three-dimensional effect is due to a clever combination of layers. A black half-tone portrait of a famous face is printed directly on the acrylic glass for the foreground. The background composed from meticulously arranged objects adds color to the portrait. Delorme’s work is in line with the tradition of Pop Art and sets a colorful accent in any room.

Oscar Zieta

Wall Sculptures You Can Hang Your Hat On

Using his own tehnology, Oscar Zieta has developed a way to inflate metal. Hot Heart and Hot Pin arrive flat and achieve their final form after baking at 200°C for about 20 minutes. They have a unique and modern look on the wall, and can also be used as futuristic-looking coathangers.

Christiane Zschommler

Wood Lattice Frames Create Windows to Another World

Christiane Zschommler: Blossom I

Christiane Zschommler: Blossom I

The unique frame transforms your wall into a window to another world.

The unique frame transforms your wall into a window to another world.

The Wood Lattice Frame gives Christiane Zschommler’s work a sculptural feel. The purpose-built, handmade frames provide a geometric structure that makes these non-continuous images into cohesive works of art resembling windows to worlds that don't exist.

Chisel & Mouse

3D Cityscapes and Architectural Models

Using the latest 3D-printing technology along with meticulous hand craftsmanship, the British duo Chisel & Mouse create scale models of urban landscapes and architectural masterworks. These versatile wall art objects can also be stood on any flat surface, giving art enthusiasts myriad ways to experience cities such as New York, Paris, Berlin and London or iconic buildings such as the Bauhaus in Dessau!

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Wall Objects: Making Art Work

At LUMAS we place a lot of value on finding the unique ways to produce our artworks in order to accent or augment their individuality. We use the perfect configuration to run with the artist’s style and enhance – or even reinterpret – the color and composition. That way, we make sure LUMAS art is presented in the best possible way.


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