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Fabric of Dreams

Fashion photographer Bruno Dayan is a master of capturing enchanting, dream-like scenes in opulent settings; his photographs are part fairy-tale, part sensation, but entirely sensual.

In the photos, distinctive details captivate the viewer: a family of deer making themselves comfortable on the creaking wooden floor, or a flock of doves fluttering around the model, accentuating her delicateness. Cheeky elements, such as the model with a riding crop and baroque hairdo posing before a rocking horse, give his harmonic compositions a unique visual aesthetic. A former student of art and film studies at the University of Montreal, Dayan distinguishes himself through the masterful use of light and shadow.

Dayan is more than just photographer, however. While still a student, he presented the short film “Vie d’eau” at the Cannes Film Festival. His experience as a cinematographer is visible throughout his photographic portfolio.

The poetic images in this series take our understanding of fashion and glamour to new levels. Dayan’s eye for detail, talent for composition, and ability to immerse the viewer in fantastical worlds were destined to be discovered by the fashion industry. Reading like a Who’s Who of the fashion world , the list of designers with whom he has worked includes Louis Vuitton, Moschino, and Dior, as well as renowned Paris fashion houses, “Le Printemps” and “Le Bon Marché”. His works have also been published in renowned magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar.

Hannah Hör
born in London, UK
Studied Fine Arts and Cinema at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada
Lives and works in Paris
2013New Fashion Photography, CONTRIBUTED Studio for the Arts, Berlin, Germany
2013Bruno Dayan – A Corps Perdu, Galerie Éléphant Paname, Paris, France