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Los Angeles-born photographer Danielle Levitt received her first Kodak camera from her aunt at the age of ten. Her first model was her friend, who pragmatically donned second-hand clothes for the shoot. Levitt says of the experience that it was pure instinct that guided her.

In 1993 she moved to New York to work on a column for the New York Post about street style, fashion, and lifestyle in the late 1990s. There she got to know the fashion scene and, over time, became one of the photographers to get all the celebrities.

For years now she has shot portraits of musicians, actors, and many other show-biz greats for the likes of Nylon, Interview, New York Times Magazine, and Rolling Stone. She documents pop culture, she knows was style means, and she has very personal contact with those she photographs. She is less interested in working with models, as she always aims to look beyond the surface – to capture the authenticity of famous people. That sometimes means more work, since most hope not to give too much of themselves away. But in the end, Danielle Levitt’s contagious joie du vivre is enough to persuade even the most skeptical of stars.

Daniela Perak


- Independent photographer since 1993

- lives and works in New York