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Patrick's photographs embody the path he walks. From Toronto to California, the desert to the water, on sets and in the blur that exists between - he lives in the world.

Real-life fragments of the ordinary that illuminate his every day, often with a dry, humorous perspective, are regularly featured in his photographs. He documents the small, almost unseen details that could easily be overlooked in the sometimes serene, sometimes fast-paced environments in which he works, lives, and travels. From existentialist billboards wondering “Why am I doing it at all?” to rebellious graffiti on city sidewalks, to his grandmother contentedly reading The Anarchist Cookbook, Patrick's work shines a light on protean narratives whose elegant beauty is in their simple ordinariness.

“I was fascinated with the concept of documentation.”
Patrick J. Adams

Adams has been a passionate photographer since childhood, documenting the world he encountered, at first mimicking his father's journalistic impulses.. He eagerly engaged the lens early, as a child growing up in Canada. He later supported himself with photography during a sojourn to Los Angeles at the age of 19, and after graduating from the University of Southern California School of Dramatic Arts.

Today, the world knows Patrick J. Adams from his leading role as Mike Ross in the global phenomenon that is Suits, an undertaking which has brought him widespread international attention. Starring alongside such stars as Meghan Markle, Gabriel Macht, and Sarah Rafferty, he was nominated in 2012 for a coveted Outstanding Performance Award by the Screen Actor’s Guild.

But with dual exhibits - Sea/Land at Oz Studios in Toronto, an integral appreciation of the Haida Gwaii  land and its inhabitants; and Behind the Scenes in New York City , featuring shots taken on and behind the scenes of Suits - Patrick J. Adams is poised to become an equally-renowned figure in the international art market.

Adams’ works are characterized by a distinctive aesthetic that presents things as they really are – often both in stark contrast and radiant balance. Nothing is obscured. This lends the images an atmosphere and mood that connect the viewer - close up or in wide appreciation - to a human or natural terrain that lives on long after the eye has closed.


1981Born in Toronto, Canada
Studied Acting at the USC School of Theatre, Los Angeles, USA
2011-2019Starring role in the TV series Suits
2016Marriage to Troian Bellisario, star of TV show Pretty Little Liars


2015Behind the Lens: An Intimate Look at the World of Suits, Arhaus Building, New York City, USA