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Unique Wall Art for your Kitchen & Dining Room

Looking for art to gaze at over breakfast or when you're mixing in the eggs and flour? LUMAS has what you're looking for. The kitchen has long since ceased to be merely functional and is now more a place of inspiration and encounter. Read on for some of our tips and kitchen wall art ideas, and have a look at our hand-selected portfolio of kitchen decor.

Popular Dining Room & Kitchen Wall Art

Kitchen & Dining Room Art

Acrylic Glass Prints for Your Kitchen & Dining Room

Kitchen Wall Art: Acrylic Prints
Acrylic Wall Art for the Kitchen: Serge Hamad: #13

Art? In the kitchen? High-quality kitchen artworks and steaming saucepans can coexist peacefully if you follow a few tips.

Plumes of steam, splashes of oil - cooking can be chaotic. That's why your kitchen pictures shouldn't hang directly above the stove or sink. Position them in a protected place with sufficient distance to these danger zones.

Some people like to purchase photo prints with protective glass covers to use as a splashback, but LUMAS artworks are not designed for this. While it is true that our artworks are often face-mounted on acrylic glass, they are museum-quality pieces intended for display. At sufficient distance from the danger zones, the acrylic glass does protect your kitchen picture from damage and contamination. Cleaning your acrylic print is quick and easy. Simply wipe your kitchen picture with a dry microfiber cloth - no cleaning products necessary!

Kitchen Wall Art: Framed works by Jiwoon Pak
Framed Kitchen Artworks

Frameless acrylic prints have a modern and minimalist look. While they are the perfect complement to a minimalist kitchen decor, they're also extremely adaptable.

Would you like a frame for your kitchen picture? Check out our framed wall art for more framing ideas! Our curators and artists work together to individually select the top-quality frame that best suits the art.

Our acrylic glass pictures are backed with a durable aluminum composite. There is a wall-mount on the backing, meaning you can hang it straightaway! Our acrylic glass kitchen artworks are a longer-lasting and higher-quality alternative to kitchen posters or enamel wall art. They are also the very definition of luminosity. Compared to canvas prints, acrylic glass pictures are intensely colorful.

Colors and Themes for Your Kitchen Art

Kitchen Art:Lost in the Supermarket by Catherine Losing and Pearls in a Pod by James Wojcik
Catherine Losing: Lost in the Supermarket (l.), James Wojcik: Pearls in a Pod (r.)

For practical reasons, kitchen decor is usually pretty basic. Kitchen artworks allow you to highlight certain spaces, and bring flashes of color to otherwise pragmatically outfitted walls. One option is James Wojcik, whose photographs are shaped by his humor and absurdist storytelling. His pictures seamlessly put food alongside glamorous accessories, giving the impression that they are naturally connected.

Colorful wall art goes great in the kitchen! Stimulate your appetite with the unusual compositions of Catherine Losing. She stages food in an unconventional way, for example a pair of women's legs between orange boxes. Our collection of animal wall art is full of animals in colorful settings. Catherine Ledner's adorable critters are an obvious favorite. Since they are smaller prints, they go great in hanging arrangements, on the fridge, or in those tight spaces. Pat Swain's brilliant flamingoes against shocking botanical green backgrounds will fill your kitchen with a jungle vibe!

Kitchen Wall Art: Untitled by Tom Schierlitz
Art for your kitchen with Tom Schierlitz: Untitled

There is no one type of art more appropriate for your kitchen wall decor than pop art. Our pop art prints are classic and tasteful, while also being playful and quirky.

Freddy Reitz's work reminds us of classics by Jasper Johns and Andy Warhol. Our collection of Marilyn Monroe art does something most unexpected, bringing the queen of pop art, with her legendary charisma and charm, right into your kitchen!

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The Right Kitchen Art for All Kinds of Wall Decor

Isabelle Menin Kitchen Wall Decor
Modern Art for your Kitchen

Wood, stainless steel, granite, and marble are some of the more common kitchen materials. These define the style and atmosphere of the room, which is important to keep in mind when choosing your kitchen art.

A wooden kitchen, with its natural materials, radiates a warm atmosphere. Try to stick with this natural feeling, and complement your kitchen with our selection of nature wall art.

Luxurious kitchen surfaces like granite or marble find a stylish counterpart in abstract art prints.

Modern kitchens are characterised by discreet colors and straight lines. This gives you a lot of creative freedom, because in a relatively untouched space, colorful art works as well as black and white art.

Pictures of abandoned buildings represent an exciting break in style. Lynne Collins stages still lifes in dilapidated interiors, while Werner Pawlok reveals the technicolor charm behind the doors of homes and formerly public buildings in Cuba.

Our smallest format, the ART NOW collection, can easily be arranged into exciting art constellations. You can always add to them later with more of our collectible miniatures, or by adding family photos, mementos, or whatever else. The artworks in this collection arrive with built-in magnets, a sawtooth hanger, and a stand, making them extremely versatile.

Check out our picture hanging ideas about how and where to hang your art. Our curators have put together some expert advice on hanging arrangements, and how to use line, space, and color to your advantage. While hanging in a row emphasizes a clear style, a salon-style gallery wall combines many works at once to create a new, individual work of art.

Where to Place Your Kitchen Art

Kitchen Art for connected rooms
Stefanie Schneider: Palm Spring Palm Trees

Of course, you don’t just want to keep your kitchen artworks safe from steaming cooking pots - you also want to display them as effectively as possible. How do you find the right place for your kitchen picture?

First of all, the shape of the room is critical. Do you have an open kitchen that merges into the living and dining area? If so, we recommend you keep an eye on the furnishing concept in the kitchen and the connected room. Try to make your kitchen art choices consistent with the overall environment. Making sure there’s harmony between decor choices in connecting rooms will actually change your impression of the space. When the decor is aligned, you feel that the rooms are more of a cohesive, single space. This space is suddenly more open, less tense and broken up, and it is thus experienced as larger than it is.

In order to achieve this kind of harmony, your kitchen and dining room decor should form a single unit in terms of color. Another option is to try to unite the two rooms with a single theme, rather than a single color scheme. Rather than altering the atmosphere and spatial feeling of your rooms, this gives them a kind of seamless narrative continuity. Read our tips on different styles below.

Kitchen Wall Art by Werner Pawlok
Large Wall Art for Kitchen and Dining Room: Werner Pawlok: Solar Habana y Amargura II

Is the kitchen a separate room? Then you are more free in your design, as you can focus entirely on your kitchen decor. Our kitchen wall art will help you create a modern vibe in your kitchen, but can also be used to create a romantic, country house atmosphere.

Do you have a cozy, combined kitchen and living room? Position your kitchen artworks near the dining table, giving you something to look at when seated. Try to focus on and use free wall surfaces. We recommend hanging large wall art on open wall areas to make sure it has its full effect without distractions. Depending on the theme, a large artwork can influence the entire atmosphere of the kitchen or kitchen-living room!

Find Inspiration for your Kitchen Wall Decor

Are you looking for more ideas on the most beautiful ways to show off artworks in your kitchen? Discover pictures of stylish kitchens by our curators and customers under #MYLUMAS. For your other rooms we have compiled valuable tips on how to select and arrange your living room wall art, and set the mood with your bedroom wall art.

Small Kitchen Art

Combine several small prints in one individual arrangement

Small Prints.
@romi_homelife – via Instagram

Olaf Hajek: African Beauty.
@lumas_australia – via Instagram

A glimpse into the lives of others

Open windows to other worlds with your kitchen art

Werner Pawlok: House of Chino II.
@lumas_canada – via Instagram

Lynne Collins: The Trespasser 15.
@mvdrdesign – via Instagram

Kitchen Wall Art by Werner Pawlok: House of Savreda

Werner Pawlok: House of Savreda.
@lumas_budapest – via Instagram

Kitchen and Dining Room as One Harmonious Space

Create a stylish interplay of kitchen and dining room

Kitchen Wall Art by Reinhard Görner: Gemäldegalerie Rot/Blau

: Art Gallery "Rot/Blau"
@fedesfotos – via Instagram

Stefanie Schneider: Palm Trees on Wilcox
@lumas_spain – via Instagram

Eric Klemm: Benny, Tewa, New Mexico.
@lumas_riga – via Instagram

More kitchen Artworks

More Tips and Inspiration

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