Abstract Art for Sale

Abstract art spans genres, from the nude to the natural landscape. Find inspiration in these abstract compositions, and discover the perfect abstract photographs for your space!

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Abstract / Graphic
abstract photography:  NYC Penguins - Part II by Robert Jahns
NYC Penguins - Part II
Robert Jahns
from £ 429 to £ 929
abstract photography:  THE SECRET II by Joe Mcdermott
Joe Mcdermott
from £ 699 to £ 1,499
abstract photography:  Beauty by Alexander Straulino | Trunk Archive
Alexander Straulino | Trunk Archive
£ 1,999
abstract photography:  Bubble Lips by Alexander Straulino | Trunk Archive
Bubble Lips
Alexander Straulino | Trunk Archive
from £ 699 to £ 1,299
abstract photography:  Enlightment by Andrew Bordwin
Andrew Bordwin
from £ 749 to £ 1,299
abstract photography:  Kiss me now... by Peperina Magenta
Kiss me now...
Peperina Magenta
£ 599
abstract photography:  Skyscraper by Andrew Bordwin
Andrew Bordwin
from £ 749 to £ 1,299
abstract photography:  Crown Cranes Explore New Terrain by Pat Swain
Crown Cranes Explore New Terrain
Pat Swain
from £ 399 to £ 1,399
abstract photography:  Tsunami by Andrew Bordwin
Andrew Bordwin
from £ 749 to £ 1,299
abstract photography:  Buena Vista by Olaf Hajek
Buena Vista
Olaf Hajek
£ 1,499
abstract photography:  Pulse Orange Jaune by Beatrice Hug
Pulse Orange Jaune
Beatrice Hug
£ 1,999
abstract photography:  Chevron South - NY by Zaha Hadid
Chevron South - NY
Zaha Hadid
abstract photography:  Andy by Voka
from £ 549 to £ 1,199
abstract photography:  Bowie by Richard Brandao
Richard Brandao
from £ 899 to £ 1,199
abstract photography:  Tara by Christoph Schrein
Christoph Schrein
£ 1,199
abstract photography:  CATS AND DOGS by Ai Weiwei
Ai Weiwei
abstract photography:  RIVER CRABS by Ai Weiwei
Ai Weiwei
abstract photography:  NEW YORK by Ai Weiwei
Ai Weiwei
abstract photography:  Beetle (Origami) by Sarah Morris
Beetle (Origami)
Sarah Morris
abstract photography:  ZODIAC by Ai Weiwei
Ai Weiwei
abstract photography:  MAP OF CHINA by Ai Weiwei
Ai Weiwei
abstract photography:  CITIZENS' INVESTIGATION by Ai Weiwei
Ai Weiwei
abstract photography:  FURNITURE by Ai Weiwei
Ai Weiwei
abstract photography:  Sony (Los Angeles) by Sarah Morris
Sony (Los Angeles)
Sarah Morris
abstract photography:  HAIR CUT by Ai Weiwei
Ai Weiwei
abstract photography:  Kate Moss by Renaud Delorme
Kate Moss
Renaud Delorme
£ 949
abstract photography:  Exhale by Ania Luk
Ania Luk
£ 239
abstract photography:  Summertime 7 by Ania Luk
Summertime 7
Ania Luk
£ 239
abstract photography:  Deconstructed Frida by Loui Jover
Deconstructed Frida
Loui Jover
from £ 269 to £ 899
abstract photography:  Anti-pop Andy by Loui Jover
Anti-pop Andy
Loui Jover
from £ 259 to £ 349
abstract photography:  Exhale by Ania Luk
Ania Luk
£ 349
abstract photography:  NYC Balloons by Robert Jahns
NYC Balloons
Robert Jahns
£ 179
abstract photography:  Genevieve´s Wave by Matthew Cusick
Genevieve´s Wave
Matthew Cusick
£ 98
abstract photography:  Paris by Anne - Laure Maison
Anne - Laure Maison
from £ 999 to £ 1,699
abstract photography:  Venice by Anne - Laure Maison
Anne - Laure Maison
from £ 999 to £ 1,699
abstract photography:  New York by Anne - Laure Maison
New York
Anne - Laure Maison
from £ 999 to £ 1,699
abstract photography:  The 2nd day of summer by Ania Luk
The 2nd day of summer
Ania Luk
£ 239
abstract photography:  Oranges are not the only Fruit by Olaf Hajek
Oranges are not the only Fruit
Olaf Hajek
£ 1,599
abstract photography:  BANG! by Joe Mcdermott
Joe Mcdermott
abstract photography:  Brigitte Bardot by Renaud Delorme
Brigitte Bardot
Renaud Delorme
from £ 899 to £ 1,599
abstract photography:  Bauhaus Dessau III by Sabine Wild
Bauhaus Dessau III
Sabine Wild
from £ 549 to £ 1,999
abstract photography:  Etude Pour Un Apres Midi 02 by Isabelle Menin
Etude Pour Un Apres Midi 02
Isabelle Menin
£ 649
abstract photography:  "bloom v7.5" by René Twigge
"bloom v7.5"
René Twigge
£ 1,199
abstract photography:  Antoinette Tropical by Olaf Hajek
Antoinette Tropical
Olaf Hajek
£ 599
abstract photography:  Antoinette Birds by Olaf Hajek
Antoinette Birds
Olaf Hajek
£ 549
abstract photography:  NYC Balloons II by Robert Jahns
NYC Balloons II
Robert Jahns
abstract photography:  "bloom v7.6" by René Twigge
"bloom v7.6"
René Twigge
from £ 649 to £ 1,099
abstract photography:  New Yorker by Sandra Rauch
New Yorker
Sandra Rauch
from £ 649 to £ 1,999
abstract photography:  Kate by Renaud Delorme
Renaud Delorme
from £ 1,699 to £ 3,790
abstract photography:  Your Head is Full of Birdies by Peperina Magenta
Your Head is Full of Birdies
Peperina Magenta
abstract photography:  Ohne Titel (Version Grün) by A.r. Penck
Ohne Titel (Version Grün)
A.r. Penck
abstract photography:  Ohne Titel (Version Rot) by A.r. Penck
Ohne Titel (Version Rot)
A.r. Penck
abstract photography:  Fright Wig (Red) by Gavin Turk
Fright Wig (Red)
Gavin Turk
abstract photography:  Remix, Rute (Version Rot/Gelb) by Georg Baselitz
Remix, Rute (Version Rot/Gelb)
Georg Baselitz
abstract photography:  Obey Lotus Crescent (White & Gold) by Shepard Fairey
Obey Lotus Crescent (White & Gold)
Shepard Fairey
abstract photography:  Remix, Hirte (Version Rot/Gelb) by Georg Baselitz
Remix, Hirte (Version Rot/Gelb)
Georg Baselitz
abstract photography:  Remix, Mantel (Version Rot/Gelb) by Georg Baselitz
Remix, Mantel (Version Rot/Gelb)
Georg Baselitz
abstract photography:  Elke VII by Georg Baselitz
Elke VII
Georg Baselitz
abstract photography:  Remix, Partisan (Version Rot/Gelb) by Georg Baselitz
Remix, Partisan (Version Rot/Gelb)
Georg Baselitz
abstract photography:  Remix, Haus (Version Rot/Gelb) by Georg Baselitz
Remix, Haus (Version Rot/Gelb)
Georg Baselitz
abstract photography:  Elke VIII by Georg Baselitz
Georg Baselitz
abstract photography:  Boudoir Reflection II by Pezhman
Boudoir Reflection II
abstract photography:  Elke IV by Georg Baselitz
Elke IV
Georg Baselitz
abstract photography:  Kiss Me Deadly by Shepard Fairey
Kiss Me Deadly
Shepard Fairey
abstract photography:  Obey Lotus Diamond (Black & Gold) by Shepard Fairey
Obey Lotus Diamond (Black & Gold)
Shepard Fairey
abstract photography:  Mylan's Wave by Matthew Cusick
Mylan's Wave
Matthew Cusick
£ 4,490
abstract photography:  Fjallkonan, (mountain woman) by Kate Shaw
Fjallkonan, (mountain woman)
Kate Shaw
£ 1,199
abstract photography:  Demon by Jean - Michel Basquiat
Jean - Michel Basquiat
abstract photography:  Metáfora I by Sephora Venites
Metáfora I
Sephora Venites
abstract photography:  Burglar Alarms by Sandra Rauch
Burglar Alarms
Sandra Rauch
from £ 499 to £ 1,599
abstract photography:  Union Jack and Jill by Derek Gores
Union Jack and Jill
Derek Gores
from £ 349 to £ 799
abstract photography:  The Aupair by Vincent Poole
The Aupair
Vincent Poole
£ 1,299
abstract photography:  Screen Time by Stephen Haley
Screen Time
Stephen Haley
from £ 799 to £ 2,690
abstract photography:  Good Traffic in Shibuya by Sandra Rauch
Good Traffic in Shibuya
Sandra Rauch
from £ 749 to £ 1,399
abstract photography:  Lucky Mutt by Vincent Poole
Lucky Mutt
Vincent Poole
£ 1,999
abstract photography:  Untitled II by Christoph Schrein
Untitled II
Christoph Schrein
from £ 549 to £ 1,099
abstract photography:  Antoinette Home by Olaf Hajek
Antoinette Home
Olaf Hajek
from £ 499 to £ 799
abstract photography:  Barranco del Rey 33 by Gerhard Mantz
Barranco del Rey 33
Gerhard Mantz
from £ 549 to £ 1,049
abstract photography:  Barranco del Arena 37 by Gerhard Mantz
Barranco del Arena 37
Gerhard Mantz
from £ 499 to £ 999
abstract photography:  Barranco del Fuente 57 by Gerhard Mantz
Barranco del Fuente 57
Gerhard Mantz
from £ 499 to £ 999

An Introduction to Abstract Art

From surrealism and futurism to abstract expressionism, the call to abstraction has been one of the animating imperatives of modern art. The roots of abstract art lie in late 19th century painting. Impressionist art began to seek out what artists like Claude Monet and Edgar Degas considered more faithful representations of the natural world. Artists of Expressionism also pursued a reality beyond the real, but did so by attempting to focus on and portray inner experience. In the period between the two World Wars, Surrealism took rise as a current which used a mixed pallette of realistic and magical representation, in order to elucidate that in the real world which pointed to something beyond.

The agenda of pursuing a distinctly abstract, or "non-objective" art, began contemporaneously in Europe and Russia. In Europe, avant gardists like Picasso and Piet Mondrian explored new techniques and philosophies, driven by concerns which drifted increasingly away from realism. In Russia, Wladimir Kandinsky and then Kazimir Malevich propagated powerful variants of "spiritualist" ideology, understanding the artist as a something like a demiurge, and conceiving of color and line as possessing extranatural qualities. For them, art was a vehicle to spiritual or social truth, and for its attainment in the hands of the artist. For these artists, the non-objective quality of their efforts denoted the pursuit of "realities" which were unlike the naturally given real. In their famous paintings and drawings, color, form, and line opened onto new and previously unexplored (or created) realities.

Throughout the 20th century, abstract art has been a seminal force in painting, drawing, photography, and sculpture. In the mid-20th century, abstract expressionism took off in the United States as a profoundly new movement, radicalizing and popularizing some of the fundamental ideas of abstract painters and modernist theorists. Artists like Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, and Mark Rothko created abstract paintings which were meant to be reflect the artist's physical movements, rather than the strict product of a preintended blueprint for executing the artwork. It combined the abstract as a technique of representation with expressionism as a philosophy of showing the inside on the outside.

By the mid 1960's, the authority of abstract expressionism gave way to new movements, which were centered on the decorative, functional, and social aspects of art. Transitional movements like Pop Art and neo-expressionism, with transitional figures like Robert Rauschenberg, Alex Katz, and Keith Haring led the way from art as concerned with theory and method to art as concerned with life and society.

Movements like minimalist art privileged abstract and geometrical representations above all, eschewing all superfluous and representational elements. Mid century modern art in furniture, architecture, household wares, painting, and photography pushed above all for pragmatism and economy in artistic production.

Many artists in the LUMAS exemplify the influence of abstract art, both as succeeding historical movements in the 20th century, as as a basic impulse in their creations. Artist Kate Shaw's colorful abstract landscapes, as well as the scenes by Sun Yuong Byun, show the influence of Expressionism in their bold use of color. The pulsating colors of Beatrice Hug are highly reminiscent of Rothko's Color Field Painting, in which he took color as itself a canvas and subject matter for expressionist imperatives. Explore their work, and art by a number of other famous artists in the LUMAS portfolio!

Buying and Collecting Abstract Art

Artist, theme, genre, size, year - all these play crucial roles in determining the value and collectibility of an artwork. But who determines worth, and who can guarantee a harmony between artworld trends and our decorative needs? This is where both art buyers and sellers come to rely on the experts.

This is perhaps truer in the case of abstract art than in any other genre. What to any one of us may appear as undirected circuits of line and applications of color may appear to yet another as the dialectical endpoint of long struggles with human suffering and the very question of representation in art. One person's undirected smattering of paint is another's profound representation of the Epicurean "swerve": the aleatory, or chance, element of reality.

This is where the LUMAS curators step in. Located in the center of the European artworld, in hip Berlin, we are widely recognized as an authority on art collectibility, especially at the nexus of fine art and interior design. Our curators source beautiful abstract art that is popular and collectible. But they do you one better: they are also looking out for your home, your walls, your space. We sell artwork that is not just valuable in itself, but which also has the potential to harmonize well with your home, or to otherwise uplift, inspire, or provoke you.