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Explore our entire collection of limited-edition photography and fine art photography, created in the styles of abstract, nude, figurative, landscape, portrait, and still life art, and in a wide array of themes, styles, and genres. Read More about the LUMAS concept, our portfolio, and why LUMAS is the #1 choice for those wishing to buy Photographic Art.

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If you’re researching photography for sale but are anxious about making the right choice for your investment, LUMAS is a great place to start! We are the world’s leading online photo art gallery, and with 20 years in the business and over 300,000+ customers around the world, you can be assured of making a purchase that will delight you for years to come. Our portfolio of photo artists includes contemporary artists like Patrick J. Adams, Isabelle Menin, and Dean West, as well as works by classic artists. Expore the LUMAS portfolio, and buy Photographic Art of the highest quality.

From the invention of the camera and the rise of the daguerrotype in the 19th century, to the invention of the digital camera in the 20th century, photography has come to change not only how we document the real, but also how we expect it to look. The photographic image has transformed traditional modes of representation, introducing a new standard for realistic depiction, as well as an understanding that even photography can be used in the service of abstraction, something which has in turn changed other artistic mediums.

Contemporary artists make heady use of traditional techniques like manipulating exposure time and lighting effects, as well as collage art combining drawings, painting, printmaking, and other mixed-media work. They also have at their disposal a wide range of digital methods, which allow them to modify, warp, and layer realities in ever-new and challenging ways.

LUMAS has over 3,000 pieces of photographic art for sale across a wide range of genres and styles. Some of our most popular photography categories include Flower photography, Nude photography and the ever-popular black and white photography, but don’t be fooled, the photography we have for sale is anything but ordinary! Consider for example the works of André Monet, who blends photography with collage to render the most famous of faces in fresh ways. Then there are the breathtaking works of Isabelle Menin, that are like vortexes, pulling viewers in deeper and deeper. Menin doesn’t photograph a complete arrangement, but rather individual flowers - each single anemone and orchid is brought in front of the camera, perfectly illuminated and captured with technical expertise. Once they are transcribed into a digital palette, she juxtaposes the individual flowers over each other creating complex, multi-layered collages that are in extremely high-demand. If you like Menin’s works, we recommend you invest fast before they are sold out!

Given the diversity of techniques used by our artists - from rarified wood or silkscreen prints to drawings or paintings executed by hand or digitally - the LUMAS method really is unique. Photography alone, or in combination with other media, is the core of the collection of LUMAS art prints. The bulk of LUMAS artworks are produced as limited edition photographic art prints. We work with our artists and our partners in the Whitewall photo lab in Frechen, Germany to ensure that each photograph is produced as a musuem quality print.

Built to last, and crafted to contain and emit perfectly balanced amounts of light and color, our photographic prints are recognized around the world as high quality prints, worthy of the photographs, paintings, drawings, and collage work created by LUMAS artists.

Our portfolio is composed of artists and themes specifically intended to meet your interior decor needs. Set bright and playful accents with colorful photography, or use landscape photography to take your interiors to new heights - and widths - by transforming your walls into windows onto wide vistas, open plains and the deep jungle. Nature-based photography is particularly effective in a bedroom and can induce a sense of calm and serenity in the most busy and overwhelmed of households. Bathrooms are the perfect place for water photography.

Photographic Art as an investment

If you are buying photographic art as an investment, the artworks which are likely to increase in price is a great place to start. LUMAS Editions start with particularly attractive prices, but the more popular a Limited Edition is, the faster it increases in value. We mark highly sought-after pieces that are on the verge of a price increase with the status of 'Bestseller' or 'Last Prints.' Secure your photography edition today at the current price before it becomes more expensive tomorrow!

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Curated Selection of Photographs

Still on the lookout for creative ways to stage a new piece of photographic art? Explore how other LUMAS customers have used their works in their homes on Instagram at #mylumas, or explore some of their creations now!

YSABEL LEMAY: life goes on
ERIC KLEMM: benny, tewa, new mexico
SEBASTIAN MAGNANI: coffee and news
THOMAS EIGEL: wcau 2148882
ELENA IV - SKAYA: golden hour
DEAN WEST: st. pete beach ii
FEDERICO NAEF: penny&wuffy
RIVE ROSHAN: strelitziacactus
BENCE BAKONYI: floating no.iii
MASSIMO COLONNA: bagni venere
ELENA IV - SKAYA: dreamer pool, new colors 2
PATRICK J. ADAMS: the anarchist cookbook

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