Conceptual Art Photography for Sale

Conceptual photography illustrates and embodies an idea. Our portfolio of limited-edition conceptual photography includes works by celebrated artists as well as up-and-comers in the art world.

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Concept / Creation
conceptual photography:  The Book I by Sebastian Magnani
The Book I
Sebastian Magnani
from £ 649 to £ 1,799
conceptual photography:  Lazarus LV by Gavin Evans
Lazarus LV
Gavin Evans
from £ 1,399 to £ 3,290
conceptual photography:  The Lady of the Ibis by Daria Petrilli
The Lady of the Ibis
Daria Petrilli
from £ 449 to £ 1,299
conceptual photography:  Prada Marfa  8:36PM by Adam Mørk
Prada Marfa 8:36PM
Adam Mørk
from £ 349 to £ 1,099
conceptual photography:  Isabelle´s View by Luc Dratwa
Isabelle´s View
Luc Dratwa
from £ 449 to £ 4,990
conceptual photography:  The Tender Land 5 by Isabelle Menin
The Tender Land 5
Isabelle Menin
from £ 399 to £ 1,599
conceptual photography:  New Yorker by Sandra Rauch
New Yorker
Sandra Rauch
from £ 799 to £ 3,790
conceptual photography:  Red Maple Tree by Massimo Colonna
Red Maple Tree
Massimo Colonna
from £ 599 to £ 2,190
conceptual photography:  Butterfly XII by Heiko Hellwig
Butterfly XII
Heiko Hellwig
£ 1,199
conceptual photography:  Ali by André Monet
André Monet
from £ 349 to £ 1,999
conceptual photography:  Pulse Flash by Beatrice Hug
Pulse Flash
Beatrice Hug
£ 2,190
conceptual photography:  Kiss me now... by Peperina Magenta
Kiss me now...
Peperina Magenta
from £ 349 to £ 599
conceptual photography:  Blue Rhapsody by Heiko Hellwig
Blue Rhapsody
Heiko Hellwig
from £ 399 to £ 1,149
conceptual photography:  WHAM! by Joe Mcdermott
Joe Mcdermott
£ 999
conceptual photography:  NYC Penguins - Part II by Robert Jahns
NYC Penguins - Part II
Robert Jahns
from £ 429 to £ 929
conceptual photography:  Penny&Wuffy by Federico Naef
Federico Naef
from £ 329 to £ 1,599
conceptual photography:  Apelles painting Campaspe, van Haecht (II) by Lluis Barba Cantos
Apelles painting Campaspe, van Haecht (II)
Lluis Barba Cantos
from £ 999 to £ 1,999
conceptual photography:  Miami Beach by Paul Fuentes
Miami Beach
Paul Fuentes
from £ 459 to £ 1,399
conceptual photography:  Pool 23 by Carl Miller
Pool 23
Carl Miller
from £ 1,049 to £ 2,490
conceptual photography:  On the river by Vladimir Proshin
On the river
Vladimir Proshin
£ 1,699
conceptual photography:  Taking-Off, 21:45 by Luc Dratwa
Taking-Off, 21:45
Luc Dratwa
£ 1,499
conceptual photography:  Antoinette Tropical by Olaf Hajek
Antoinette Tropical
Olaf Hajek
from £ 749 to £ 1,999
conceptual photography:  Reconcile by Erin Cone
Erin Cone
£ 449
conceptual photography:  Nora´s Sight by Luc Dratwa
Nora´s Sight
Luc Dratwa
from £ 1,099 to £ 4,190
conceptual photography:  Kate by André Monet
André Monet
from £ 349 to £ 1,999
conceptual photography:  Serene Garden by Massimo Colonna
Serene Garden
Massimo Colonna
from £ 699 to £ 2,390
conceptual photography:  Bloom by Ysabel Lemay
Ysabel Lemay
from £ 1,399 to £ 3,990
conceptual photography:  THE SECRET II by Joe Mcdermott
Joe Mcdermott
from £ 799 to £ 1,499
conceptual photography:  Countenance by Erin Cone
Erin Cone
£ 299
conceptual photography:  Falter by Erin Cone
Erin Cone
£ 449
conceptual photography:  Discourse II by Erin Cone
Discourse II
Erin Cone
£ 349
conceptual photography:  Let's Make Up by Cindy Press
Let's Make Up
Cindy Press
£ 1,049
conceptual photography:  Peeping by Joseph Cela
Joseph Cela
conceptual photography:  Ocean Beauty I by Hiepler & Brunier
Ocean Beauty I
Hiepler & Brunier
from £ 899 to £ 5,990
conceptual photography:  "bloom v7.1" by René Twigge
"bloom v7.1"
René Twigge
£ 2,990
conceptual photography:  Ca' Bernadi Cherry Daltan I by Werner Pawlok
Ca' Bernadi Cherry Daltan I
Werner Pawlok
from £ 449 to £ 2,990
conceptual photography:  Palazzo Rocca Contariui Corfú XI by Werner Pawlok
Palazzo Rocca Contariui Corfú XI
Werner Pawlok
from £ 449 to £ 2,990
conceptual photography:  Palazzo Barbarigo V by Werner Pawlok
Palazzo Barbarigo V
Werner Pawlok
from £ 449 to £ 1,999
conceptual photography:  Palazzo Brandolini III by Werner Pawlok
Palazzo Brandolini III
Werner Pawlok
from £ 449 to £ 2,990
conceptual photography:  Frida by Olaf Hajek
Olaf Hajek
from £ 499 to £ 999
conceptual photography:  Heaven Reflection by Robert Jahns
Heaven Reflection
Robert Jahns
from £ 399 to £ 849
conceptual photography:  The playtime by Andrea Koporova
The playtime
Andrea Koporova
from £ 349 to £ 1,149
conceptual photography:  Escape by Andrea Koporova
Andrea Koporova
from £ 349 to £ 1,149
conceptual photography:  In the Sky by Andrea Koporova
In the Sky
Andrea Koporova
from £ 349 to £ 1,149
conceptual photography:  Relax by Andrea Koporova
Andrea Koporova
from £ 699 to £ 949
conceptual photography:  Botanical I by Katalin Vasali
Botanical I
Katalin Vasali
from £ 799 to £ 1,299
conceptual photography:  Comix by Alexander Khokhlov
Alexander Khokhlov
from £ 499 to £ 999
conceptual photography:  Stained by Alexander Khokhlov
Alexander Khokhlov
from £ 499 to £ 999
conceptual photography:  Monstyle by Alexander Khokhlov
Alexander Khokhlov
£ 999
conceptual photography:  Shepard by Alexander Khokhlov
Alexander Khokhlov
from £ 499 to £ 999
conceptual photography:  Formentor by Josh Von Staudach
Josh Von Staudach
from £ 699 to £ 1,199
conceptual photography:  Salines by Josh Von Staudach
Josh Von Staudach
from £ 849 to £ 1,499
conceptual photography:  Glut der Ägäis by Josh Von Staudach
Glut der Ägäis
Josh Von Staudach
from £ 849 to £ 1,499
conceptual photography:  Elephant above the Clouds by Robert Jahns
Elephant above the Clouds
Robert Jahns
£ 399
conceptual photography:  Amalfi by Massimo Colonna
Massimo Colonna
from £ 599 to £ 1,999
conceptual photography:  Space by Beatrice Hug
Beatrice Hug
£ 1,799
conceptual photography:  Only In Your Heart 02 by Isabelle Menin
Only In Your Heart 02
Isabelle Menin
from £ 799 to £ 3,590
conceptual photography:  After Work II by Sebastian Magnani
After Work II
Sebastian Magnani
conceptual photography:  Mick by André Monet
André Monet
from £ 349 to £ 1,999
conceptual photography:  St. Pete Beach II by Dean West
St. Pete Beach II
Dean West
from £ 699 to £ 2,290
conceptual photography:  Incantata III by Sven Fennema
Incantata III
Sven Fennema
from £ 899 to £ 1,399
conceptual photography:  Pulse Iris by Beatrice Hug
Pulse Iris
Beatrice Hug
£ 2,190
conceptual photography:  Buena Vista by Olaf Hajek
Buena Vista
Olaf Hajek
£ 1,499
conceptual photography:  Crown Cranes Explore New Terrain by Pat Swain
Crown Cranes Explore New Terrain
Pat Swain
from £ 399 to £ 1,399
conceptual photography:  Lucent by Roman Johnston
Roman Johnston
from £ 749 to £ 1,499
conceptual photography:  Enlightment by Andrew Bordwin
Andrew Bordwin
from £ 749 to £ 1,299
conceptual photography:  The Nursey of Ibis by Daria Petrilli
The Nursey of Ibis
Daria Petrilli
from £ 399 to £ 899
conceptual photography:  A Flamingo Contemplates: So Now What by Pat Swain
A Flamingo Contemplates: So Now What
Pat Swain
from £ 849 to £ 2,690
conceptual photography:  No:220419 by Bahar Artan Oskay
Bahar Artan Oskay
from £ 899 to £ 1,599
conceptual photography:  Labyrinth II by Peter Stewart
Labyrinth II
Peter Stewart
from £ 999 to £ 2,190
conceptual photography:  Pixeltowns by Peter Stewart
Peter Stewart
from £ 999 to £ 2,290
conceptual photography:  Sunny Beach by Paul Fuentes
Sunny Beach
Paul Fuentes
from £ 459 to £ 1,399
conceptual photography:  Coffee and News by Sebastian Magnani
Coffee and News
Sebastian Magnani
£ 1,799
conceptual photography:  WE ARE THE JOCULAR CLAN (2) by Takashi Murakami
Takashi Murakami
conceptual photography:  Hochlandrind III by Claudio Gotsch
Hochlandrind III
Claudio Gotsch
from £ 749 to £ 1,999
conceptual photography:  Jack Nicholson by Classic Collection I
Jack Nicholson
Classic Collection I
from £ 98 to £ 198
conceptual photography:  Life goes on II by Ysabel Lemay
Life goes on II
Ysabel Lemay
from £ 499 to £ 5,190
conceptual photography:  New York in Spring by Johannes Weinsheimer
New York in Spring
Johannes Weinsheimer
£ 99
conceptual photography:  Central Park Penguins by Robert Jahns
Central Park Penguins
Robert Jahns
from £ 599 to £ 1,159
conceptual photography:  United Planet Earth III by Studio Morbach
United Planet Earth III
Studio Morbach
from £ 399 to £ 1,599

An Introduction to Conceptual Art

There is no one medium to which conceptual art refers. Instead it refers to work in photography, painting, writing, and installation-art which propagates and incarnates the notion that all art is at bottom the manifestation of a concept. Perhaps the most famous work of conceptual art ever produced was Marcel Duchamp's Fountain. In a 1969 essay, referring to the Fountain, the conceptual artist Joseph Kosuth declared that "art only exists conceptually", and therefore all artists, even despite themselves, were conceptual artists.

Like its affiliate movements in pop art or abstract expressionism, conceptual art has has long turned on ideas of reproducibility, infinity, numericality, and authorship. In today's visual vocabulary, conceptual art refers above all to temporary exhibitions consisting of throwaway objects, videos, or other arrangements which are present as "installations" in museums and galleries. Another very visible technique inspired by conceptual art is that of performance art, as in the work of Maria Abramović and Stelarc.

The most distinctive feature of conceptual art is perhaps this: that it invites the viewer to impose meaning on the artwork, the artist having ceded her sovereignty over its interpretation.

The History of Conceptual Art

Conceptual art first took rise as a distinct movement in the 1960's, within the current of anti-formalism which in various genres and media has come to be definitive of American high art. The phrase "concept art" was first coined by the artist Henry Flynt in a 1961 essay. He described an artistic form which was in the process of separating itsef from the traditional media and vocabulary of art.

The next major milestone in the history of conceptual art was Sol LeWitt's famous "Paragraphs on Conceptual Art," a several-page essay containing LeWitt's ruminations on conceptual art, submitted to the magazine ArtForum. LeWitt endeavored to lay down some of the parameters of conceptual art as he understood it at the time.

In his view, conceptual art presented a departure from the feedback loop between form and content (or "arrangement") in which traditional and modernist art consisted. Instead, conceptual art was oriented to the notion of the work of art as the manifestation of a concept, in which the execution of an artwork took backseat to its conception and to its planning as a reproducible design meant to enshrine the concept in the center. In LeWitt's words, "[t]he idea becomes a machine that makes the art". The concept here becomes the measure of the artwork: "Conceptual art is only good when the idea is good."

Conceptual Photography

Where most other types of photography are about capturing and rendering an object of perception, conceptual photography is at bottom about an idea.

The relationship of photography to conceptual art is at once difficult to circumscribe and of obvious importance for the history of conceptual art. In its essence, conceptual art takes off from insights about authorship, intentionality, and craft in an age in which art is reproducible, insights which were originally ceded by photography and printing.

Some conceptual artists working with photography did not lay stress on it as a discrete medium. Richard Long and Dennis Oppenheim, for example, used cameras to document their performances and ephemeral installations, without however giving a great deal of thought to the role of photography in their documentation. For them, photography was as simple as pen and paper, and had the same function. In fact, because of its popular status as a mode of documentation, photography introduced an element of subtle humor to their work, as it seemed to give it the fixity and importance of something out of a newspaper or textbook. This strategy was not uncommon among early conceptual artists. Performance artists and creators of temporary artworks often dissociated themselves from photography as a medium, while making abundant use of it to record their efforts.

Other conceptual artists like Ed Ruschka or Bruce Naumann used photography in the creation of artworks which depicted words, public spaces, and sculptural installations as part of larger conceptual meditations on meaning, language, and aesthetic coherence. These conceptual photographers, by making photography a central element in their artworks, broke away from contemporaries who were only leveraging photography in the service of what they understood the conceptual artwork to be, and inaugarated the mainstream use of photography in conceptual art.

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