The Scenic Route, 2020 by Natasha Chomko
Limited Edition, Edition of: 150, Signed
2020 / 2021 NCO06
Natasha Chomko
Work details

The Scenic Route, 2020

The Scenic Route, 2020
Natasha Chomko. Limited Edition, Edition of: 150, Signed
49,1 x 39,1

A multi-layered work inspired by traditional collage aesthetics with captivating three dimensional depths.
Frame color: black

53,1 x 43,1 cm (External dimensions)

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Background Information about Natasha Chomko
A vintage couple in a sleek convertible cruise through a fantastically colored dreamscape. The collage of skillfully discovered imagery by Natasha Chomko proves to be refreshingly informal, combining image, surface, and space into a new three-dimensional perceptual experience. Her creations, which inherently possess a dreamlike quality, are arranged on two distinct layers within a deep-set frame. The visual and spatial depth enhances the sensory experience of her surreal artworks. Where is this couple headed if not to a magnificent land of unfettered imagination? Chomko pairs vintage photographs with vividly colored American landscapes, blanketing these dream journeys with starry skies. As a result, the 3D works appear as romantic revenants of Hollywood's golden age, when Cinemascope and 3D cinema provided a heightened viewing experience.

Chomko grew up in Washington, D.C.. Science and politics were common topics of conversation in her family, yet she managed to develop her creative side despite her analytical surroundings. At one point, she built backdrops and sewed costumes for the theater. Intrigued by the variety of design possibilities, Chomko began making collages at an early age. Her first works were crafted from old magazines and beloved photographs. Later, as she decided to turn her passion for art into a profession, she modernized and digitized her approach. In July 2018, Chomko began exhibiting her artwork as POST WOOK. Since then, she has collaborated with a variety of brands, musicians, and creatives including Toyota, Chase Bank, Firestone Walker, Rusko, Courtney Barnett, Deadbeats Record Label, and Lettuce.


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