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Pastels, palms, and predators – the photographic works by Paul Fuentes colorfully blends elements of Miami Art Deco, Pop Art, and 60s Hollywood glamour. The light is clear, the colors are smooth, the atmosphere is sunny and relaxed – well, if it wasn’t for the snarling felines that is, their regal presence adds a touch of luxury and refinement.

Paul takes his travel photographs to surreal and iconic places. Inspired by the endless summer of America. The unique Palm Springs architecture, classic cars and big cats chilling by the pool have become his signature style. Each of Fuentes' photographs is a multi-layer image, with elements separated and brought together to create one cohesive work of art.

Paul Fuentes, who collaborates with his wife Ilse, uses and combines his own photographs and footage from real places to create extraordinary effects. In their London studio the artist duo creates large scale works along with cheeky and daring Product-Pop-Mashups that reinterpret everyday objects into new contexts. It is there where they take their unpredictable leaps in the spirit of the surrealist principle of combination. While the imagery remains clear and optimistic, perhaps even cheerful, it always comes with a bite. It’s not without reason that Paul Fuentes has been awarded Hasselblad Master 2021, one of the world's most prestigious professional photographic competitions.


1988 born in Mexico City
Graduated from ANAHUAC University in Mexico
Currently lives and works in London


2020The Independent Photographer  -  Emerging Talent Award
2020Sony World Photography, category Still Life (shortlisted)
2018Adweek – Adweek’s Creative 100