Florales Faunales by Heidrun Göres

Florales Faunales

2009 / 2022 HGO05
Florales Faunales
90 x 90
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Photo mount frame Hamburg
profile width: 20 mm, Spessart Oak, Natural, 112 x 112 cm (External dimensions) profile width: 20 mm, Canadian Maple, Brown, 112 x 112 cm (External dimensions) On premium paper (matte) not mounted or framed. Shipped rolled.
profile width: 20 mm, Spessart Oak, Natural, 112 x 112 cm (External dimensions)
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Summer nights and summer days emerge as equally captivating forces with promises of the transient; Because, in summer, new life can emerge at any moment. Symbolic of nature’s boundless potential for renewal and growth, artist Heidrun Göres creates images showcasing its multitude of forms. She has built a thematic repertoire of vibrant and symbolically charged works through series like Summertime, Florales Faunales, and Tondi.

Born in the Harz region of Germany, Göres began studying graphics in the mid-1990s. She specialized in digital imaging techniques, which were still in their infancy at the time; Ever since, her work has oscillated between picturesque realism and digital abstraction. The artist, who lives in Halle an der Saale, alternates effortlessly between digital techniques and analog form – seeking challenge in a motif-laden narrative abundant with contrasting colors. In each instance, nature is the catalyst of emotion; it generates and reflects desires, passions, and milder perceptions. The fauna in particular possesses symbolic significance. A snake represents nocturnal seduction and fast-acting poison, while the poppy – an emblem of lust – withers quickly. Such impulsive and interwoven associations are characteristic of Heidrun Göres' paintings.

Green moss is offset by a complementary red, and a deliberately circular format is followed by a wide panoramic image – with the latter dividing into six detailed iterations of itself in the Florales Faunales series. In Heidrun Göre's works, elements fade and blend together to express the adaptability and interdependence of human feelings and natural elements. All is connected, emerging anew in a wonderfully cohesive and multisensory manner. The paintings evolve into impressively vibrant resonance chambers, capturing the indisputable relationship between human consciousness and floral phenomena – both full of stubbornness and creative power.


Born 1948 in Nordhausen, Germany

Studied graphic design

Digital Arist since 1998

Lives and works in Halle (Saale), Germany

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