Robert Davies
Ronaldinho Brazil v England 2-1 (Quarter-Final) 21.06.2002, Shizuoka Stadium, Shizuoka, Japan by Robert Davies
Ronaldinho Brazil v England 2-1 (Quarter-Final) 21.06.2002, Shizuoka Stadium, Shizuoka, Japan
Ronaldinho Brazil v England 2-1 (Quarter-Final) 21.06.2002, Shizuoka Stadium, Shizuoka, Japan
2005 / 2008

Ronaldinho Brazil v England 2-1 (Quarter-Final) 21.06.2002, Shizuoka Stadium, Shizuoka, Japan

Limited Edition, Edition of: 75, Signed
Article number: RDA16

£ 649.00

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Robert Davies

Ronaldinho Brazil v England 2-1 (Quarter-Final) 21.06.2002, Shizuoka Stadium, Shizuoka, Japan

Limited Edition, Edition of: 75, Signed
2005 / 2008
Ronaldinho Brazil v England 2-1 (Quarter-Final) 21.06.2002, Shizuoka Stadium, Shizuoka, Japan by Robert Davies
£ 649.00
81 x 66,5 cm

Mounted on aluminium Dibond, depth 3 mm matte


£ 649.00
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Background Information about Robert Davies

Before completing his Masters of Art at London’s Royal College in 1993, Robert Davies had been a bike messenger, foxhunting documentarian, and an adventurer in India. The British experimentalist’s photographic series are just as multifaceted as his biography. Whether creating luminous cameraless color studies in the darkness of the photo lab or photographing romantic foggy landscapes, whether commemorating the precision of the Formula 1 with prickly sharp detailed composition or experimenting with long and multiple exposures, Robert Davies exploits the medium’s possibilities.

And when billions of people follow the World Cup games on TV, he feels obliged to trace this phenomenon of collective observation and unified interest. And with their surveillance-camera look, the video stills he uses assume something ghostly. But what we see, mostly schematic and blurred, are not the coincidentally captured moments of crime but rather definitive scenes and scored goals of modern heroes, which become the fateful moments of national history. When Robert Davies robs the Formula 1 of its speed or depicts the hysteria of a banal soccer game as a gladiator battle, he agilely leaps over the borders between documentation and abstraction and, through this, continues to test our very pleasurably learned customs of seeing.

Dr. Boris von Brauchitsch
1964Born in Birmingham
1991-93Royal College of Art MA Photography
1984-88London College of Printing BA Graphic Design
University of Michigan Museum of Art, USA
Cleveland Museum of Art, Ohio, USA
Museé de l'Elysee, Lausanne, Switzerland
Merrill Lynch
Economist, London
Cable & Wireless
Goldman Sachs
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Reduction in photgraphy’ Forum Stadtpark, Graz, Austria 2003
‘Material Light’ Mark Gisbourne published by Wunderhorn 2002
'Fully Exposed' Emmanuel Cooper, published by Routledge 1995
'The Body' William Ewing, published by Thames & Hudson 1994

Solo Exhibitions

2005‘One’, Blue Gallery, London & Royal Academy Schools Gallery, London
‘Made in Britain’ FOAM, Fotografiemuseum of Amsterdam in conjunction with a group show at Huis Marseille
2004‘Untitled. The poetry of experience’, Hirschl, London
‘Chromogenesis,’ Tatar Gallery, Toronto
2003‘Material Light,’ KMZA, Berlin
2002‘Epiphany,’ Blue Gallery, London
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‘Material Light’, touring Kulturzentrum Alte Feuerwache, Mannheim, Germany
Stadtische Galerie, Waldkraiburg, Germany
2000'New works', Rhodes & Mann, London
1999'Water', Jason & Rhodes, London
1998'Epiphany', Jason & Rhodes, London
1997'Cloudscapes', Arquivo Fotografico, Lisbon, Portugal
'Dreamlands', Midland Arts Centre, Birmingham
1994'Pelt', Salama-Caro Gallery, London
'Skin', The Photographers Gallery, London

Group Exhibitions

2010    ‘One Shot’ Football in Contermporary Art, BPS22, Charleroi, Belgium (Andreas Gursky, Gianni Motti, Monika Fischer, PSJM)
‘Frei nach Malerei’, Kunstlerhaus, Dortmund
‘X Artworks in a Straight Line’, Crisp London Los Angeles (Graham Hudson, Joe Sola, Linn Pederson)
‘State of Play’, The Public, Walsall (Paul Smith)
2009    ‘Non Objektiv’ GKG, Bonn (Christoph Dalhausen)
2008    ‘In the palm of your hand’, Galleria La Nuova Pesa, Rome (Masao Yamamoto)
‘Balls and Brains’, Helmhaus Museum, Zurich
‘Art Basel’ with FAS Contemporary
‘Replay – the Ball in Art’ Haus fur Kunst, Altdorf, Switzerland (Sam Taylor-Wood, Paul Smith)
‘10 years’ Lutz Thalmann, Zurich
2007    ‘Monochrome2’ FAS, London (Jason Martin, Mark Francis)
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1994‘Candyman 2’, Building C, TBBC, London (Jessica Voorsanger, Bob & Roberta Smith, Toby Mott & Matthew Collings)
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‘One Shot’, BPS 22, Charleroi, Belgium, 2010
‘Year’, Fine Art Society, London, 2008
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Robert Davies - ’90 Minutes’, Merrell, London with Richard Williams, 2006
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'Is there anyone home?' Gallery Westland Place 2000
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