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Alastair Pincaud takes a closer look at the inside story of a society and a way of life. Through a magnifying glass he illustrates the interior of a Pan Am airplane, a plane that achieved cult status in the 1960s. His photos open a cinematic microcosm enriched with details, cowboy hats, typewriters, drinks, and smokes. Authentic stewardess uniforms and the airline's legendary lettering lend the scene a touch of flair. The Pan Am clipper embodied the progress and luxury of an era. Using applied acrylic lenses, Pincaud took that attitude towards life and captured it within his art.

Big city living retains anonymity. Your daily business, the business of others, all goes by largely unnoticed. So, what actually is happening in the high-rises across the street? The Canadian photographer Alastair Pincaud addresses this question and takes the viewer on a journey into another world. His artwork The Apartment House offers a secret glimpse into a legendary party, where celebrities like Mick Jagger and Andy Warhol enjoyed themselves. From the very first glance you’ll want to be a part of the glamorous gathering. When your gaze wanders to the left you’ll notice the apartment next door, where you’ll spot a character from the American cult series The Sorpranos.
Alastair Pincaud pulls back the curtain, exposes the hidden scenes behind the façade, and becomes an accomplice in your voyeurism. With great attention to detail and clever playfulness, he creates cinematic snapshots full of suspense. The circular acrylic lenses give the photos a three-dimensional quality, but also provide for a spy-like effect and that enables the viewer to “zoom” into the scene.
Miniatures, models and stage settings have fascinated Pincaud since he was a young boy. Throughout his career he has engaged in set and stage design. This history has an undeniably influence on the aesthetic captured in his Spy City project. His work focuses on the different spheres of publicness and privateness. Within it he explores voyeuristic pleasure that stimulates the imagination. Let’s be honest, who wouldn't like to have a chat about Pop Art with Andy Warhol and his blonde muse, followed by a swing on the dance floor?


Born in Winnipeg, Canada
Studied Photography at ArtCenter College of Design, Pasadena, USA
Lives and works in Toronto, Canada and in Amsterdam, Netherlands