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Street Art meets Pop Art. Croatian artist Kresmir Buden is an experienced graffiti artist who takes iconic works – such as those by Andy Warhol – and reimagines them. He once transformed the world-famous Campbell’s Tomato Soup piece into an aerosol can that sprays a splash of color onto the wall. Buden’s style bridges the gap not only between established art and the ever-provocative art of graffiti, but also between two-dimensional and three-dimensional representation.
Under his artist name 2Fast, he helped establish the Croatian graffiti scene, becoming one of its most notable figures. He later went on to study art and design, taking his passion for spray painting to a new level through means of art. Buden took two-dimensional graffiti illustrations and reworked them into three-dimensional objects, maintaining the integrity of their original meaning. The artist adapted well-known symbols of graffiti into sculptures that have since been displayed in museums and galleries.


2018 Graffiti 3D, Ericsson Nikola Tesla Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia
Outlaw Graffiti, KIC Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia
2015 Splash it baby, Boonika Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia
2013 3D Graffiti, Vladimir Filakovac Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia
2020 Heroes, GO Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2019 Splash The Myconian Rooftop, Mykonos, Greece
2018 Street Art Awards Benelux - creation of awards, Theater Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Netherlands
2017 Antiek Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Vamos a La Playa, Barcelona, Spain
Dutch Street Art Awards - creation of awards, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Heroes, GO Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2016 Winter Blues, GO Gallery Amsterdam, Netherlands
Dutch Street Art Awards - creator of awards, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2015 Galerie Kasten, Mannheim, Germany
2010 Museum of Street Art, Zagreb, Croatia
2008 10 Years Later, Pravi put Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia
2005 Street Art: 10 Years of Graffiti in Zagreb, Zagreb City Museum, Zagreb, Croatia
2004 Nissan Art Project, Mimara Museum, Zagreb, Croatia
1998 Crossing bridges, Club ‘Insel’, Berlin, Germany
Graffiti, Josip Racic Galery, Zagreb, Croatia
1996 Literacy and Graphic of Graffiti, Zagreb, Croatia
A Tribute to Style, Kahlmann museum, München, Germany