Taking-Off, 21:45 by Luc Dratwa
Limited Edition, Edition of: 250, Signed
Limited Edition, Edition of: 150, Signed
Limited Edition, Edition of: 150, Signed
2020 / 2020 LDR39
Luc Dratwa
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Taking-Off, 21:45

Belgian photographer Luc Dratwa combines urban expanse with familiar spaces. His "Flying High" series is like a personal invitation to the viewer, in which you’re offered the window seat on the way to New York. A gaze out the window and your eyes glide over the city, awakening memories and dreams of New York.
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Unfortunately, this artwork is no longer available in this size.

Unfortunately, this artwork is no longer available in this size.

Aluminium Artbox Schwarz - Aluminium Schwarz 25mm

121 x 94 cm (External dimensions)

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Background Information about Luc Dratwa
With their resemblance to paintings or drawings, Luc Dratwa’s works pack an expressive punch with emotional depth. Dratwa’s artworks are precisely composed and perfectly balanced. He lets every picture tell a well thought-out story, leaving nothing to chance.

Flying High

Some moments are brief, but full of emotion. Like when your plane is flying over New York City and the Manhattan skyline comes into view. The city that never sleeps, yet always stirs our dreams – a place full of yearning. The fascinating photos in Luc Dratwa’s Flying High series offer a new way to gaze into the city. Through the window of an airplane, the architectural grandeur of the cosmopolitan city will awaken your memories of New York.


In the Windows series, we look out at New York’s world-famous Empire State Building. These works are more than mere photographs, however. Viewers feel as if they are actually standing at the window looking out over the city. The view sparks the imagination to come up with stories about the city that never sleeps.

The artworks “DREAM IS NOT OVER” and “NY ON MY MIND” belong among the pinnacle of his oeuvre so far. In these one-of-a-kind works, Luc Dratwa depicts urban architecture in profoundly touching visual language that capture the power of human creativity itself.

Following the success of his series overlooking New York’s skyline, the Belgian photographer invites us into the private worlds of distinctive rooms with a view of Paris’s most iconic monument.

While overlooking the Eiffel Tower rising from afar, we are invited to explore different lifestyles of the French capital’s residents. As in his previous works, Dratwa blurs the limits between reality and fantasy. These composed and carefully balanced works instigate feelings of contemplation and the intimacy of Parisian daily life.
Belgian photographer Luc Dratwa was born in 1958 and is an autodidact. His art features in international art fairs and exhibitions. Exclusively for LUMAS, Dratwa has created two new works for his famous series Windows. The artist is based in Brussels.


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