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“My landscapes represent fantastical, re-imagined places, which in some sense are a rose-tinted view of the natural world,” says Orlanda Broom.

The artist creates lush, tropical landscapes that take the viewer into a dreamworld. These abstract scenes could be from anywhere in the world: in exotic gardens, at the heart of the jungle, or in our own imaginations. Broom’s works are exceptionally lively, seductive, and radiate with rich colors.

Using layer upon layer of acrylics and resin, the British artist gives her images astonishing depth, which is further enhanced through a very sophisticated use of glitter dust. In the LUMAS pieces, this layered appearance is shown off in an especially impressive way with prints mounted under glossy acrylic glass.

With their circular shape and shimmering, metallic photo paper, these artworks are instantly recognizable. They appear timeless, intoxicating, and enigmatic – like windows to another world.


Orlanda Broom was born in the United Kingdom in 1974. She studied Art and Design at the Cheltenham School of Art in England as well as at the Winchester School of Art in Barcelona. She has worked as an artist ever since earning her master’s degree in 1997. Broom has done commissions for widely-known clients including the Four Seasons hotel in New York. Her work has also appeared in exhibitions in London, Paris, and South Africa. The artist lives and works in Hampshire on the southern coast of England.


2018BEEP, Wales’ Contemporary Painting Prize
2017Dentons Art Prize, London
2016Columbia Threadneedle Prize, Mall Galleries London
2012BEEP, Wales’ Contemporary Painting Prize
2011Threadneedle Prize (Critics choice), Mall Galleries, London, UK
2009The Threadneedle Prize, Mall Galleries, London, UK


2018Ambiguous Nature, Sunny Art Centre, London, UK
2015Exhibition of Paintings, The Contemporary London, London, UK
2014The Lost Traces of Somewhere, Jealous Gallery, London, UK
2013Paintings from a Small Island, Franschhoek, South Africa
Traces and Trails, Stephanie Hoppen Gallery, London, UK
Debut Show, Sibman Gallery, Paris, France
2012Inland Islands, Stephanie Hoppen Gallery, London, UK
2011New Paintings, Stephanie Hoppen Gallery, London, UK
2018After Eden, MehtaBell Projects, Herrick Gallery, London, UK
Fresh Paint, Messums Wiltshire, Wiltshire, UK
2017RWA Open (Open Call), RWA, Bristol, UK
2016Beauty is the Garden, Long & Ryle, London, UK
2015London Group Open, Cello Factory, Lonodn, UK
Finding Paradise, Lacey Gallery, London
Summer Salon, Angus-Hughes Gallery, London, UK
Griffin Open (Competition), Griffin Gallery, London, UK
Collection of Small Paintings, The Contemporary London, London, UK
2014The Inaugural Exhibition, The Contemporary London, London, UK
Obsession; Love, Ritual, Collection, Embassy Tea Gallery, London, UK
Diamond Bullet, James Freeman Gallery, London, UK
2012National Open Art Competition, Chichester and London, UK
Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy, London, UK
2011National Open ARt Competition, Chichester, UK
2010National Open Art Competition, Chichester, UK
Chance to Shine, Edgar Modern, Bath, UK
2009National Open Art Competition, Chichester, UK