Horst Klemm: Lion King

This Horst Klemm Special Edition was your chance to experience the king of the jungle up close! At LUMAS, we are known for our massive collection of museum-quality, limited-edition photo art available online and in 25 galleries worldwide. Our latest hand-signed Special Edition is no longer available.

The acrylic glass mounting enhances the visual depth

The acrylic glass mounting enhances the visual depth

The Floater Frame perfectly complements the artwork

Our curators selected a brown Floater Frame especially for this piece to create a thrilling accent for this captivating image. This type of frame features a small gap around the edge of the image to give the Lion King the appearance of floating inside the frame.

About the Artist

Artist Horst Klemm adventures across a continent to seek out his subjects

For the Love of Adventure

“I think it does almost require a little bit of madness,” Horst Klemm reflects on his drive for perfection. Some might call it crazy to seek out the wonders of the world far beyond the reaches of western civilization, to travel great distances on dirt roads or where there are no roads at all, to explore the jungles of Papua New Guinea, or to traverse the Arabian Desert on camelback. The vastness of the world and all its infinite, fascinating details are what push Horst Klemm on his quest to understand the world as a whole – to live and experience it – through its microcosms. That, along with an unbridled thirst for knowledge and zest for discovery, is the true definition of an adventurer.

Klemm’s photo equipment, a constant companion into the unknown, is his journal. Nature and wildlife are his theatre. He tells their stories with photographs, giving viewers a window to a breathtaking world. Without compromise, Klemm defers to the laws of nature, letting everything take its course. Consequently, his artworks, although indescribably beautiful, are grounded and down to earth at the same time. It is almost as though nature itself were posing just for Klemm.

The animal kingdom shows a different side of itself, and the environment creates an atmosphere that emanates from the artwork to bring the viewer under its spell. We do not feel trapped by this. Rather, we feel free for the first time.


Tall grass sways gently in the breeze. The heat of the Serengeti is encapsulating like a cocoon. The atmosphere is intoxicating.

Rays of sunlight illuminate the sky in the background, giving the wild clouds the appearance of a fire drifting through the sky. Before us, a lion majestically raises his head. His mane is playfully fluffy, but his expression is determined and alert. Battle scars cover his skin. Eyes clear as glass survey the surroundings. He radiates tranquility, but also unquestionable power. There is no doubt that he is the king of the pride, the ruler of the savannah. Tanzania’s evening sun even provides this majestic animal with a crown of light.

On his love for artistic safaris, Klemm says: “When you have found an amazing place, you have this feeling. There’s an atmosphere, there’s a light. The smell, the temperature, maybe the sounds around you – that is what makes up the excitement.”

The artwork is crackling with tension. The deliberate calm, the presence of unbelievable power, and the harmony of nature all combine to give Horst Klemm’s “Lion King” its unmatched aura.

Features of the Lion King Special Edition

Artworks by Horst Klemm


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