LUMAS Special Art Edition

Discover stunning photo art at an amazing price! The LUMAS Special Art Edition is a hand-signed, museum-quality Limited Edition by Stefanie Schneider – for just £299. Get yours now, either online or in one of our many galleries around the world.

The exclusive LUMAS Special Art Edition, Santa Monica Palm Trees II by Stefanie Schneider, can be yours for the phenomenal price of just £299. A special production ready for your wall, the picture measures nearly three by two feet. The hand-signed piece is specially produced with matte acrylic glass that gives it impressive visual depth, and it is set in a floater frame for a weightless, floating effect. Do not miss the opportunity to beautify your home with this inimitable work of art for just £299. This special edition is strictly limited and only available for a short time!

The Special Art Edition adds a touch of summer to any room

About the Artist

“I would like everyone to become part of my universe and get lost in it,” Stefanie Schneider says about her work. The German artist has been focused on the genre of Polaroid photography since the 90s and processes the pictures in her own unique way, often throwing them in the sand or processing the surface until the colors become entirely surreal. “Art is more than just pictures; art is a way of life, and art must change the world,” says the passionate artist, who is also an advocate for the environment and sustainability.

Stefanie Schneider, who was born in 1968, currently lives in Los Angeles, where the iconic palm trees have been a source of fascination for decades. It all started the first time she traveled to California and discovered the City of Angeles. “Back then, I was just getting started,” Schneider says, “and I soaked up all these impressions of California like a sponge.” In 1996, she ultimately acquired three boxes full of old Polaroid film – and her artistic career began to take flight.

In 2006, Stefanie Schneider was still considered a rising star in the art world, but she has long since established international renown in the intervening years.

Santa Monica Palm Trees II reveals the boundless freedom Schneider felt in her early years – captured like a snapshot of her own memory. “It was a time without past or future, only the present, and palm trees were omnipresent – as though they were showing the way,” the artist says. “You just had to look to the sky.”

You can now buy this exclusive artwork in the form of our hand-signed LUMAS Special Art Edition for just £299!

Artist Stefanie Schneider

Artist Stefanie Schneider with her Special Art Edition

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