Bring the power of nature into your home with affordably priced, museum-quality photo art. From formidable, energetic forces of nature to peaceful, relaxing landscapes, discover fascinating pictures in every mood and experience nature’s boundless beauty.

Formidable Nature

Dizzying heights, wild water, and impenetrably dense greenery – experience the formidable power of the elements! The colossal iceberg captured by Anuar Patjane reveals its artistic perfection for a brief moment before it vanishes into the ocean. Alessandro Puccinelli depicts the blue element in a different state: an astonishing seascape smashing against the rocks and becoming one with the clouds above!

Relaxing Nature

Get lost in calm and peaceful landscapes from LUMAS, from sunlit clearings to distant valleys to still waters. Join our artist Rafael Graf on the banks of Lake Brienz, or take a break with Paolo Pettigiani in the infrared scenery at a magnificent cabin by the lake. See the world from a whole new perspective – in the comfort of your own home.


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