PURPLE, IN BLUE by Michal Fuhrer
Limited Edition, Edition of: 100, Signed
2020 / 2020 MFH02
Michal Fuhrer
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60 x 60
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Michal Fuhrer creates powerful pop art sculptures that are cheerful and elegant.
Dimension: 60cm high, 60cm wide, 28cm deep

60 x 60 cm (External dimensions)

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Background Information about Michal Fuhrer
Lightness and heaviness breathtakingly meet in Michal Fuhrer’s sculptures. She forms large, rounded bodies that stand en pointe like delicate ballerinas. Their lush yet weightless curves defy the laws of gravity, liberating them from the weight of their own being. Their voluminous bodies create an image of harmony and balance, which gives them more charm than the typical ballet dancer.
Michal Fuhrer has entitled the work PURPLE, even though the weighty ballerina changes colour. The artist decided upon this title because the calmness of blue and the wild energy of red both lay within the colour purple.

Michal's drawings act as the basis for her sculptures. She draws these studies abundantly before she beings work on the figures. The combination of humor and elegance in her Pop Art characters are reminiscent of classic cartoons. The distinguishing characteristics of her figures are their round shapes and their smooth and glossy surfaces. The artist herself describes her artworks as metaphors for human emotions, desires, and conflicts. The unusual ballerinas she creates strive for an elegance that in reality would be denied to them, but within her art they revel in it. Gracefully, she fulfils their dream.
Michal Fuhrer began her art studies at Tel Aviv University, where she studied philosophy, cinema, and television. After which she studied sculpture, drawing, and art at the HaMidrasha School of Art at Beit Berl and at the Basis Art School. Michal's works are exhibited all over the world and sold at a premium.


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