Landscape Art for Sale

Our collection of landscape art includes a wide variety of limited edition artworks of paintings, drawings, photos, and digital creations. Discover our curators' selection of artworks featuring traditional subject matter of the landscape genre, including works in the style of classic oil painting featuring motifs like bucolic scenery and wide mountain vistas, as well as contemporary abstract and urban landscapes.

Art inspired by classical landscape painting

From the early work of the 17th century french painter Claude Lorrain, to 19th century English nature painting, to contemporary watercolors or cityscapes, the history of landscape art has undergone incredible transformations. Originally the preserve of oil painting, and identified with the French "Barbizon school" of "plein air" - or "open air" - painting, the landscape is now a popular subject in all artistic media.

This history is symbolized above all by the British artist John Constable's now-classical oil paintings of placid scenes on gentry estates and open hill and praire spaces. Justin Barton's scenes containing English estates are like but unlike Constable's works. At times Barton actually renders the same exact same subject matter as John Constable - the nineteenth century gentry home, nestled in trees, streams, and low hills. But he does so with the calculated crispness of modern photography, driven by contemporary questions of identity and our relationship with the past. Horst and Daniel Zielske's series The Modern Turner is inspired by the great English landscape painter. Similar to Barton's modern interpretation of Constable's work, the Zielskes travelled to scenes Turner had depicted, capturing what he had portrayed in painting within their own distinctive visual vocabulary.

The Chinese artist Han Lei shows us a different side of classical landscape painting. In his Chinese Landscapes series, he portrays beautiful classically-inspired Chinese mountain landscapes.

Landscape Photography

Many of our photographic artists work like painters, fine-tuning natural light and color in order to arrive at both realistic and abstract scenes. This brushstroke approach to the landscape is characteristic above all of impressionist landscapes.

Landscapes by artist Erik Chmil have unmistakable qualities of painting. His depictions impart to the river, the city, the mountains, and the desert both modern and classical qualities. Santiago's whispy, abstract landscapes place the individual person in the center of the great mystery of nature. Juraj Lipscher's impressonist landscapes zoom in, creating majestic waterscapes out of views of ponds, streams, and tree branches.

Landscape Prints

Our world-renowned collection of limited editions contains landscapes by both famous and emerging artists.

Not all our artists' landscapes are created with realistic scenery in mind. The mosaic landscapes by the "digital painter" Holger Lippmann provide an absolutely original interpretation of the landscape. Landscape paintings by Harald Klemm and Kate Shaw are stunning representations of landscapes in the styles of modern art. These artists provide a new view onto a venerable genre.

Lumas Oceanscapes

Sea and oceanscapes are some of the most interesting subjects of the landscape. They are also some of its most storied subjects. William Turner's dramatic scenes of stormy seas, light breaking through clouds over the oceans, or ships burning at sea are some of the most famous artworks of all time.

Lumas artist Ray Collins is a master of the oceanscape. In his work, he highlights the drama of the ocean, presenting it in its breadth and beauty, while also highlighting its natural energy and dynamism. Above all, in Collins' hands, the ocean is a symbol of freedom - in life, and in art.

Lumas Mountainscapes

Mountains are one of the most characteristic subjects of landscape art. In our artists' modern interpretations of classic mountainscapes, mountains are portrayed as bookending vast valleys, flatlands, and riverbeds. But they also stand in the foreground, making up the subject of an artwork.

Daniel Reiter's atmospheric mountainscapes blur the boundaries between mountain skylines and the ocean horizon. Marek Haiduk's delightful abstract mountainscapes combine elements of architectural landscape with ironic postmodern figures.

More Landscape Artwork

Shopping art for your home decor with LUMAS

Our portfolio of landscape art contains works by many artists, across different media. these are all developed on special papers and mounted on aluminum - a fantastic alternative to cheap canvas printing. Unlike less reliable canvas materials, our art is built to last, and captures light, color, hue, and line with the sharpest detail. Each new Lumas work arrives ready to hang, with the mounting unit preinstalled.

Our portfolio is curated with your wall in mind. Landscapes are a wonderful complement to a living room, where their breadth of vision fits well with the room's traditional wide design. A landscape can introduce an unexpected scale into the kitchen, a room sometimes seen as purely functional. For the kitchen, consider a wide view, featuring trees and mountains, or animals moving across a plain.

For decorating ideas and curated artworks for your walls, explore our viewing rooms:


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