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Art Is the Perfect Present

For Best Friends & Family

When lifelong friends or family tie the knot, surprise them with an enduring work of art


For Close Friends

Newlywed friends deserve a gift they will cherish for a lifetime


For Friends & Acquaintances

Celebrate with fun and exciting art, regardless of how close you are to the happy couple


Dressed to the Canines for Wedding Season: Catherine Ledner's Brides


Let the Recipients Choose

You can never go wrong with gift certificates for LUMAS art

The Perfect Wedding Gift

It’s that time of year again: Wedding Season! As soon as invitations start rolling in from old friends, new friends, or family members, the grueling hunt for the perfect present begins. Especially when a couple isn’t registered anywhere, finding the perfect wedding present can be tough!

Often you will know the happy couple well enough that you can simply ask them what they want in a charming way.

Expert Cathrin Müller from online service einfachverheiratet.

Gift Idea: A Work of Art from LUMAS

A hand-picked artwork from LUMAS will serve as an enduring memory of the happiest day of their lives, and the portfolio has a wide variety of over 3,000 pieces to choose from. The elegantly framed LUMAS Minis and Classics are open editions that start at $99. For those looking to present a gift certificate or cash gift along with the art, the striking ART NOW collection may be just the ticket. These small artworks are available online or in a LUMAS gallery near you for just £24.