Gift Ideas for the Bedroom

 Exclusive gifts: Fire by Beatrice Hug
Beatrice Hug
from £ 399 to £ 1,299
 Exclusive gifts: Golden Light by Christiane Steinicke
Golden Light
Christiane Steinicke
from £ 359 to £ 1,099
 Exclusive gifts: Kate by André Monet
André Monet
from £ 849 to £ 1,699
 Exclusive gifts: Desertnight by Benjamin Everett
Benjamin Everett
from £ 349 to £ 999
 Exclusive gifts: Ocean Beauty I by Hiepler & Brunier
Ocean Beauty I
Hiepler & Brunier
from £ 899 to £ 1,699
 Exclusive gifts: Hide Me by Cindy Press
Hide Me
Cindy Press
from £ 399 to £ 899
 Exclusive gifts: Little miss Newton II by Andreas Kock
Little miss Newton II
Andreas Kock
from £ 399 to £ 949
 Exclusive gifts: West 50th by Christophe Jacrot
West 50th
Christophe Jacrot
from £ 499 to £ 1,299
 Exclusive gifts: Welle VII by Daniel Reiter
Welle VII
Daniel Reiter
from £ 1,099 to £ 1,999
 Exclusive gifts: Clarissa's Wave by Matthew Cusick
Clarissa's Wave
Matthew Cusick
from £ 549 to £ 1,799
 Exclusive gifts: A Sunday in Saint Malo by Françoise Gaujour
A Sunday in Saint Malo
Françoise Gaujour
from £ 499 to £ 949
 Exclusive gifts: Pine Forest by Nathaniel Merz
Pine Forest
Nathaniel Merz
from £ 799 to £ 1,599
 Exclusive gifts: White Pier by Akos Major
White Pier
Akos Major
from £ 649 to £ 1,999
 Exclusive gifts: Storebaelt by Josh Von Staudach
Josh Von Staudach
from £ 549 to £ 1,399
 Exclusive gifts: Arpoador rock, Rio by Rogério Reis
Arpoador rock, Rio
Rogério Reis
£ 1,049
 Exclusive gifts: House of Fefa (hall) - Havana by Werner Pawlok
House of Fefa (hall) - Havana
Werner Pawlok
from £ 649 to £ 2,790
 Exclusive gifts: Palouse by Benjamin Everett
Benjamin Everett
from £ 349 to £ 999
 Exclusive gifts: Hauteur by Kai Stuht
Kai Stuht
from £ 1,499 to £ 2,390
 Exclusive gifts: Lago di Garda by Erik Chmil
Lago di Garda
Erik Chmil
from £ 849 to £ 1,699
 Exclusive gifts: Intersections 44 by Alessandro Puccinelli
Intersections 44
Alessandro Puccinelli
from £ 999 to £ 1,499
 Exclusive gifts: Rio di San Polo by Pep Ventosa
Rio di San Polo
Pep Ventosa
£ 599
 Exclusive gifts: The Return by Tatiana Gorilovsky
The Return
Tatiana Gorilovsky
from £ 449 to £ 1,099
 Exclusive gifts: Oleaje y mariposas by Rosa Muñoz
Oleaje y mariposas
Rosa Muñoz
from £ 499 to £ 999
 Exclusive gifts: Aquarius II by Beatrice Hug
Aquarius II
Beatrice Hug
from £ 399 to £ 1,299
 Exclusive gifts: Idah by Billy & Hells
Billy & Hells
from £ 749 to £ 1,399
 Exclusive gifts: Silence by Aida Pascual Benito
Aida Pascual Benito
from £ 999 to £ 1,999
 Exclusive gifts: Bunny in Tub by Pamela Hanson | Trunk Archive
Bunny in Tub
Pamela Hanson | Trunk Archive
from £ 749 to £ 1,149
 Exclusive gifts: Elephant with Storm Clouds by Horst Klemm
Elephant with Storm Clouds
Horst Klemm
from £ 799 to £ 1,599
 Exclusive gifts: Renees Dream by Stefanie Schneider
Renees Dream
Stefanie Schneider
from £ 899 to £ 1,699
 Exclusive gifts: Kraftort Sils by Claudio Gotsch
Kraftort Sils
Claudio Gotsch
from £ 749 to £ 1,699
 Exclusive gifts: Morning Sun by Gustav Deutsch
Morning Sun
Gustav Deutsch
from £ 499 to £ 949
 Exclusive gifts: Sunrise by Dani Olivier
Dani Olivier
£ 1,199

Bedrooms are for resting and recharging your batteries to face the challenges of everyday life. A comfortable and calm atmosphere is of the utmost importance, and a soothing work of art is the perfect way to achieve that. Browse our gift guide and discover pictures in muted colors or elegant black & white tones; art to guide the lucky recipient into the realm of sweet dreams!

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