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Discover the world of art photography in our carefully curated books. Experience select artists and their stunning artworks from the LUMAS portfolio. Collecting Fine Art volumes III and IV are available online and in our galleries, and they make outstanding gifts.

Collecting Fine Art Vol. IV

Vol. IV

In this volume:

✓ A curated selection of the most popular LUMAS artworks from the last 15 years
✓ Over 100 pieces by renowned artists and newcomers
✓ Portraits, landscapes, fashion photography, architectural photography, and more
✓ Essays by Dr. Lisa Zeitz and Hans Michael Koetzle
✓ Over 160 pages. Text in German, English, and French


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LUMAS Artist Books

Discover the oeuvres of some of our most popular artists in the exclusive artist books from LUMAS. Fascinating background info and personal interviews provide insight into these artists’ approaches and inspiration.

Dieter Blum's portrait of the exceptional dancer Vladimir Malakhov
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Experience Cuba’s unmistakable charm in our Werner Pawlok book
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A photo book with Stefanie Schneider’s unique Polaroid art
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Atmospheric cityscapes and landscapes by Horst & Daniel Zielske
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Between photography and digital painting, Sabine Wild’s cityscapes
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See the beauty of rainy days in this Christophe Jacrot photo book
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Rafael Neff’s precision artistry in a photo book
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Artworks from the Latest Book

  High Profile by Gaetan Caputo
High Profile
Gaetan Caputo
from £ 499 to £ 1,599
  Penny&Wuffy by Federico Naef
Federico Naef
from £ 329 to £ 1,599
  White Foam, Cantabria  by Ciuco Gutiérrez
White Foam, Cantabria
Ciuco Gutiérrez
£ 2,490
  Killing Time III by Lucia Giacani | Trunk Archive
Killing Time III
Lucia Giacani | Trunk Archive
from £ 749 to £ 1,299
  Hidden City 1 by Navid Baraty
Hidden City 1
Navid Baraty
from £ 699 to £ 1,999
  Indiana and the cigarette by Emmanuelle Descraques
Indiana and the cigarette
Emmanuelle Descraques
from £ 699 to £ 999
  Motorhome by Matthias Jung
Matthias Jung
£ 799
  Life goes on by Ysabel Lemay
Life goes on
Ysabel Lemay
£ 6,490
  Don't look at me by Pol Kurucz
Don't look at me
Pol Kurucz
£ 949
  The Cat by Pol Kurucz
The Cat
Pol Kurucz
£ 999
  The Triumph Of Form by Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva
The Triumph Of Form
Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva
from £ 449 to £ 1,799
  Tara by Christoph Schrein
Christoph Schrein
£ 1,199
  Cactus Abstraction 04 by Ed Freeman
Cactus Abstraction 04
Ed Freeman
from £ 599 to £ 1,149
  Head Turner by Greg Kadel | Trunk Archive
Head Turner
Greg Kadel | Trunk Archive
  PALM SPRINGS CITY HALL (Albert Frey) by Stephanie Kloss
Stephanie Kloss
£ 1,099
  Menina Roja by Alfredo Palmero
Menina Roja
Alfredo Palmero
from £ 599 to £ 1,049
  City Landscape, Chicago, IL by Andrea B. Stone
City Landscape, Chicago, IL
Andrea B. Stone
£ 699
  Italian Wedding by David Burton | Trunk Archive
Italian Wedding
David Burton | Trunk Archive
£ 1,999
  Lincoln by Tim Bradley
Tim Bradley
from £ 549 to £ 1,049
  Rhino Portrait by Wolf Ademeit
Rhino Portrait
Wolf Ademeit
from £ 649 to £ 1,999
  Mongolia Eagle Hunters II by Daniel Kordan
Mongolia Eagle Hunters II
Daniel Kordan
from £ 499 to £ 999
  Sea #13 by Wolfgang Uhlig
Sea #13
Wolfgang Uhlig
from £ 1,999 to £ 3,390
  Yogin no1 by Tomáš Paule
Yogin no1
Tomáš Paule
from £ 349 to £ 949
  Bauhaus Dessau I by Sabine Wild
Bauhaus Dessau I
Sabine Wild
from £ 499 to £ 1,599
  Beauty of Jaisalmer by Kai Stuht
Beauty of Jaisalmer
Kai Stuht
from £ 1,199 to £ 2,590
  Yellow Dance, New York 2008 by Maurizio Galimberti
Yellow Dance, New York 2008
Maurizio Galimberti
from £ 449 to £ 1,499
  Lion by Tom Nagy
Tom Nagy
from £ 649 to £ 1,049
  Lago di Como by Erik Chmil
Lago di Como
Erik Chmil
from £ 649 to £ 1,999
  The Garden by Jens Hausmann
The Garden
Jens Hausmann
from £ 1,799 to £ 2,990
  Infrared NYC I by Paolo Pettigiani
Infrared NYC I
Paolo Pettigiani
£ 159
  Rue Saint Merri by Eva Navarro
Rue Saint Merri
Eva Navarro
from £ 549 to £ 899
  Let's Make Up by Cindy Press
Let's Make Up
Cindy Press
£ 1,049
  No. III by Robert Lebeck
Robert Lebeck
from £ 1,599 to £ 1,999
  Fuse #3, Mathis Rekowski by Joachim Baldauf
Fuse #3, Mathis Rekowski
Joachim Baldauf
£ 649
  New York On My Mind II by Luc Dratwa
New York On My Mind II
Luc Dratwa
£ 199
  Butterfly Grid blue by Heiko Hellwig
Butterfly Grid blue
Heiko Hellwig
  Women Of Light by Dani Olivier
Women Of Light
Dani Olivier
from £ 399 to £ 899
  Iswayolites by Xiau - Fong Wee
Xiau - Fong Wee
from £ 899 to £ 1,499
  Whale in Venice by Robert Jahns
Whale in Venice
Robert Jahns
from £ 379 to £ 799
  Everything Begins Again by Françoise Gaujour
Everything Begins Again
Françoise Gaujour
from £ 499 to £ 949
  Elios House III by Werner Pawlok
Elios House III
Werner Pawlok
from £ 499 to £ 2,790
  Times Square by Larry Yust
Times Square
Larry Yust
£ 549
  Beach II by Felipe Bedoya
Beach II
Felipe Bedoya
from £ 649 to £ 1,399
  Antoinette Golden Tear by Olaf Hajek
Antoinette Golden Tear
Olaf Hajek
from £ 549 to £ 1,599
  Dream River 04 by Isabelle Menin
Dream River 04
Isabelle Menin
from £ 549 to £ 5,990
  Kate Moss by Renaud Delorme
Kate Moss
Renaud Delorme
£ 949
  Bauhaus by Horst & Daniel Zielske
Horst & Daniel Zielske
£ 799
  Sul Lago by Sven Fennema
Sul Lago
Sven Fennema
£ 129
  Bastei, Elbsandsteingebirge by Berthold Steinhilber
Bastei, Elbsandsteingebirge
Berthold Steinhilber
from £ 949 to £ 1,799
  Eringer by Ramona Waldner
Ramona Waldner
from £ 699 to £ 1,699
  Fjallkonan, (mountain woman) by Kate Shaw
Fjallkonan, (mountain woman)
Kate Shaw
  Brothers in Arms  by Kristina Varaksina
Brothers in Arms
Kristina Varaksina
from £ 699 to £ 999
  Untitled 1358 by Kwangho Lee
Untitled 1358
Kwangho Lee
from £ 649 to £ 999
  At the end of the day by Santiago
At the end of the day
from £ 699 to £ 1,499
  The Hive by Peter Stewart
The Hive
Peter Stewart
from £ 999 to £ 2,190
  Adria X by Bernhard Lang
Adria X
Bernhard Lang
from £ 1,099 to £ 1,999
  Mona Vale Pool by Peter Yan
Mona Vale Pool
Peter Yan
  Flower still life by Mark Seelen
Flower still life
Mark Seelen
from £ 549 to £ 1,099
  Pablo by André Monet
André Monet
from £ 349 to £ 1,699
  A Lost Flamingo and a Lost Pelican by Pat Swain
A Lost Flamingo and a Lost Pelican
Pat Swain
from £ 899 to £ 1,399
  Blue Window by Alexander Straulino | Trunk Archive
Blue Window
Alexander Straulino | Trunk Archive
from £ 699 to £ 1,299
  Mylan's Wave by Matthew Cusick
Mylan's Wave
Matthew Cusick
£ 4,490
  Gemäldegalerie rot/blau by Reinhard Görner
Gemäldegalerie rot/blau
Reinhard Görner
£ 4,990
  M with golden VW Beatle by Ivo Von Renner
M with golden VW Beatle
Ivo Von Renner
from £ 949 to £ 1,599
  Madone Byzantine by Christian Lacroix
Madone Byzantine
Christian Lacroix
£ 599
  Sunburst by Ray Collins
Ray Collins
£ 799
  #1 by Fumito Shibasaki
Fumito Shibasaki
from £ 699 to £ 1,149
  Urban landscape I by Bence Bakonyi
Urban landscape I
Bence Bakonyi
£ 4,390
  Kleid aus Licht, #109_12 by Heinrich Heidersberger
Kleid aus Licht, #109_12
Heinrich Heidersberger
£ 749
  Flatiron Building by Reinhart Wolf
Flatiron Building
Reinhart Wolf
£ 1,799
  Peeping by Joseph Cela
Joseph Cela
  Travel with dream. by Huang Kelaer
Travel with dream.
Huang Kelaer
from £ 299 to £ 599
  Coming Home, Timeless Machine by Irene Kung
Coming Home, Timeless Machine
Irene Kung
from £ 749 to £ 1,399
  Aufbruch – eine neue Generation II by Will Mcbride
Aufbruch – eine neue Generation II
Will Mcbride
£ 1,399
  Temporal Perception #94 by Serge Hamad
Temporal Perception #94
Serge Hamad
from £ 1,049 to £ 1,999
  AT THE BEACH by Sanda Anderlon
Sanda Anderlon
from £ 599 to £ 2,990
  Your Head is Full of Birdies by Peperina Magenta
Your Head is Full of Birdies
Peperina Magenta
£ 349
  Jungle Fall by Tirta Winata
Jungle Fall
Tirta Winata
£ 999
  Barranco del Fuente 57 by Gerhard Mantz
Barranco del Fuente 57
Gerhard Mantz
from £ 499 to £ 999
  Screen Time by Stephen Haley
Screen Time
Stephen Haley
from £ 799 to £ 2,690
  Family Portrait II by Jean - Marie Ghislain
Family Portrait II
Jean - Marie Ghislain
from £ 749 to £ 1,299
  First Love by Yeliza
First Love
from £ 549 to £ 849
  Prada Marfa  8:36PM by Adam Mørk
Prada Marfa 8:36PM
Adam Mørk
£ 1,299

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