Breathtaking Nature Wall Art

Nature is all around us. From sprawling forests with tall trees to silent glacial landscapes; from vast, barren deserts to lonely flowers springing up in the middle of a bustling city; nature is a captivating force anywhere you look. With the enormous selection of limited-edition prints in the LUMAS collection, you can find the perfect nature print for your home today.

Mother Nature from A to Z

Nature Wall art: Sanda Anderlon Jungle
Sanda Anderlon's "Jungle" exuberantly encapsulates nature's abundance.

Since there is such broad spectrum of flora, fauna, and geological features on the planet, it can be difficult to know where to begin looking for beautiful nature photos. Whether you're looking for serene scenes or awe-inspiring landscape pictures, LUMAS has it all. Striking mountain photos, dense jungle images, mixed-media collages, sandy beach pictures, tranquil autumn treescapes – you’ll find all this and more in the LUMAS collection of nature wall art.

The Wild Side of Nature Art

The diversity of nature images at LUMAS doesn't stop at landscapes. After all, what would nature be without animals? From four-legged friends to exquisitely detailed lepidopterans to awe-inspiring underwater behemoths, discover the entire animal kingdom in nature images from LUMAS.

Bring the entire animal kingdom home with premium wall art that perfectly matches your décor. No matter where they are displayed, photographs of nature's fascinating creatures fill us with wonder and spark our imaginations.

Nature Wall Art

nature prints by Katalin Vasali: Eden III.
Katalin Vasali's "Eden III." on the wall is pure, untouched wilderness indoors.

Discover framed, wall-ready nature pictures and wall objects for any room. Created by popular photographers and renowned artists. Bring the great outdoors inside with jaw-dropping art photography and new twists on popular nature themes from LUMAS!

Our collection of nature prints is brimming with choice. With images in every size and color, a variety of frames, mounting options, and unique formats, you can find something that not only matches your furniture and wallpaper, but also elevates your home décor. From fascinating wildlife illustrations to stunningly shot underwater photos, find art that perfectly expresses your personality.

LUMAS: The Liberation of Nature

Nature Prints: Olaf Hajek: The Great Egret
Wild style! This green decor harmonizes perfectly with Olaf Hajek's "The Great Egret." Photos courtesy of Igor Josifovic: @igorjosif.

At LUMAS, we want to share our love and appreciation of art with the whole world. That is what drives us. In fact, our raison d’etre is to make premium art pieces available to as many people as possible at affordable prices - but not at the expense of quality. Each and every green forest picture, waterfall photo, or abstract jungle artwork is made with an incredible level of care and craft.

Nature Wall Art: Igor Josifovic, author of Happy Interior Blog. Instagram: @igorjosif

I surround the art with real plants to create an indoor jungle effect.

Igor Josifovic, author of Happy Interior Blog

Art in Its Natural Habitat: Our Customers' Homes

David Baker: New Forest Dawn
David Baker: New Forest Dawn.
@lumas_riga – via Instagram
René Twigge: bloom v7.3
René Twigge: bloom v7.3.
@fashioninthemiddle – via Instagram
Alexander Von Reiswitz: Odin
Alexander Von Reiswitz: Odin.
@lumas_budapest – via Instagram
Olaf Hajek: Flowers
Olaf Hajek: Flowers.
@wienerwohnsinn – via Instagram
Heiko Hellwig: Butterfly III
Heiko Hellwig: Butterfly III.
@lumas_australia – via Instagram
Jonathan Chritchley: Li River, Guilin , Study 2
Jonathan Chritchley: Li River, Guilin , Study 2.
@goodlinkagency – via Instagram

We know that the right presentation of art can heighten the experience and enjoyment of looking at it. Each individual artwork from our nature images collection is framed or mounted in a perfectly matching style. We ensure this by working with the artist of each piece. What’s more, we team up with technical experts to guarantee each print comes out spectacular. Every print, every frame, and every mount is done by highly acclaimed photo lab specialists. But don't just take our word for it: see our wall art in its natural habitat: our customers' homes, as shared on Instagram under the #MYLUMAS hashtag.

Discover More Nature Prints!

 nature wall art: How Gentle are the Waves by Françoise Gaujour
How Gentle are the Waves
Françoise Gaujour
£ 199
 nature wall art: Butterfly VI by Heiko Hellwig
Butterfly VI
Heiko Hellwig
from £ 399  to £ 1,399
 nature wall art: Theo by Alexander Von Reiswitz
Alexander Von Reiswitz
£ 159
 nature wall art: 54° 13' 34.2'' N 11° 05' 26.8'' E by Wolfgang Uhlig
54° 13' 34.2'' N 11° 05' 26.8'' E
Wolfgang Uhlig
from £ 1,799  to £ 2,690
 nature wall art: Storebaelt by Josh Von Staudach
Josh Von Staudach
from £ 699  to £ 1,799
 nature wall art: A Lost Flamingo and a Lost Pelican by Pat Swain
A Lost Flamingo and a Lost Pelican
Pat Swain
from £ 1,099  to £ 1,699
 nature wall art: Clarissa's Wave by Matthew Cusick
Clarissa's Wave
Matthew Cusick
from £ 799  to £ 2,490
 nature wall art: Modern house with pool 2 by Jens Hausmann
Modern house with pool 2
Jens Hausmann
from £ 799  to £ 2,290
 nature wall art: Black Maned Lion by Horst Klemm
Black Maned Lion
Horst Klemm
from £ 999  to £ 1,999
 nature wall art: Polar Bear Exercise by Joe Bunni
Polar Bear Exercise
Joe Bunni
£ 799
 nature wall art: Infrared Dolomites I by Paolo Pettigiani
Infrared Dolomites I
Paolo Pettigiani
from £ 499  to £ 799
 nature wall art: Evakuierte Zone  by Gerhard Mantz
Evakuierte Zone
Gerhard Mantz
from £ 799  to £ 1,399
 nature wall art: Rajan II by Jody Macdonald
Rajan II
Jody Macdonald
from £ 1,099  to £ 2,690
 nature wall art: Hierbas 1 by Jose Ramon Ais
Hierbas 1
Jose Ramon Ais
from £ 599  to £ 1,199
 nature wall art: Wailakurini, Timor-Leste  by Farin Urlaub
Wailakurini, Timor-Leste
Farin Urlaub
from £ 449  to £ 1,199
 nature wall art: Butterfly VII by Heiko Hellwig
Butterfly VII
Heiko Hellwig
from £ 399  to £ 1,399
 nature wall art: Elephant and baby by Horst Klemm
Elephant and baby
Horst Klemm
from £ 899  to £ 1,999
 nature wall art: Bamboo III by André Wagner
Bamboo III
André Wagner
from £ 949  to £ 1,999


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