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In his series Irregular Galaxy, Ross Holden assembles photographic particles that originated from his travels in South America. The British artist collects countless snapshots and uses slivers of these memories to create large-format patchwork pieces.

The viewer is led through fragments of images absorbed by Holden’s consciousness on the other side of the world, entering into a state of poly-perspective perception. These fragments form dynamic triangles that imprint on the surface of our consciousness like nascent memories in every color, size, and angle of elongation. Even at the first glance, these memories suddenly leap out of the subconscious into the conscious mind and then disappear, pushed aside and replaced by another triangle.

In this stirring way, the artist represents the indescribable feeling of memory, structuring it as a kaleidoscopic life story deeply rooted in the subconscious.


British artist Ross Holden studied Visual Arts and has published his work in many publications including Esquire, The Observer, and The Guardian. Holden’s work has featured in numerous international exhibitions. Joining the company of artists including David Hockney and Paul Nash, Holden has received prestigious commissions from Transit for London, making him one of just a handful of artists ever allowed to alter the iconic London Underground logo.