Artist of the Month: Claudio Gotsch

Introducing: Claudio Gotsch

Discover museum-quality photo art by Claudio Gotsch. Right now, we’ll give you 10% off and free shipping on all his works!* Find out more about the artist.

About Claudio Gotsch

From highland cows to groundhogs, Claudio Gotsch shows the widely varied animal kingdom of the Alps in all its natural glory. Experience the penetrating gaze of a bald eagle or the gentleness of two deer nuzzling each other. The animal portraits are isolated against a black background, generating a curious charm and focusing entirely on the subject’s essence.

Artist Claudio Gotsch at work

Artist Claudio Gotsch at work

A Cautious Approach in the Wild

In his series of works, Black Edition, Claudio Gotsch imparts his respect for the fauna of the Swiss Alps to the viewer. With a tremendous amount of patience, the photographer is able to photograph free-roaming animals in their natural habitat. In order to do this, he first studies their habits. Then he waits for hours in their environment. “The animals have to come to me and not the other way around,” says Gotsch. He can only create his extraordinary works when he does not startle the animals or make them feel threatened.

Not only do these photographs reveal the finest hairs and eyelashes with razor-sharp definition, they also capture readable facial expressions. Gotsch does not just produce an image of an animal – he looks deep into its soul. We are inevitably reminded of Paul Klee’s words: “Art does reproduce the visible; rather, it makes visible.” The black and white approach takes the intensity of these unique photographs to the next level.

Claudio Gotsch

It is amazing what you discover when you open your eyes to the world of nature.

Claudio Gotsch

Breathtaking Views

In addition to capturing the beauty of the alpine animal kingdom, the Swiss artist photographs stunning natural landscapes. In his Engadin series, he examines his homeland’s monumental mountains. Gotsch’s panoramas of the Alps reveal gleaming mountain lakes and snow-capped peaks. As in his animal photographs, we do not merely see a representation of a landscape. Instead, we can practically smell the crisp mountain air and sense the vivid tranquility. These sensitive photographs are a perfect counterpoint to the fast pace of everyday life.

Bring the beauty of the Alps into your home with a work of art by Claudio Gotsch. Mounted under acrylic glass, his pieces have an absolutely enchanting effect. If you fall in love with one of his hand-signed Limited Editions, do not hesitate – they have a tendency to sell out quickly!

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