Artist of the Month: Sven Fennema

Introducing: Sven Fennema

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About Sven Fennema

Sven Fennema’s work is distinguished by a dreamlike, fairy-tale charm. Travel back in time with the artist and discover noble palaces and abandoned places of cultural significance bathed in extraordinary, atmospheric light.

Sven Fennema: Sul Mare I & Lighthouse II

The German artist, who was born in 1981, spends a great deal of time in archives and studies satellite maps in order to locate these special locations. Then he travels across Europe to destinations including Calabria, Campania, or Lombardy. Behind steep mountains and overgrown hiking trails, he comes across the next subject for a piece. Fennema’s pictures tell the stories of these places. Looking at them, we feel a mix of nostalgia, wistfulness, and serenity, but at the same time, we see the glamorous history unfolding in our mind’s eye.

Hidden Gems and Sleeping Beauties

Over the last ten years, Fennema has sought out numerous Lost Places. In the same way that Sleeping Beauty is awakened with a kiss, the artist reanimates these slumbering, magnificent buildings with his camera.

In the former villa of a well-to-do textile manufacturer, the artist discovered a forgotten room that was only accessible through a narrow door. In his artwork Haven I, he beautifully captured the room’s arched windows and intricate frescoes on the walls and ceiling. Looking at his piece, Secret Garden, our thoughts turn to the inhabitants of the past who were once able to enjoy this fantastic view.

Sven Fennema

In buildings where many people only see sadness and decay, I find a special kind of beauty.

Sven Fennema

Natural Light Made Artificially

From twisting stairwells to idyllic outlooks, Sven Fennema photographs each location multiple times to capture all the nuances of daylight as it changes. Afterwards, he digitally combines the individual pictures to create the unmistakable, atmospheric lighting in his work.

The artist, whose work has featured in national and international exhibitions and publications, has a reverence for nature and the environment. In his own words: “In the end, we are guests whose presence here is tolerated, and we should show respect towards what truly rules the world.”

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