Artist of the month: Werner Pawlok

Artist of the Month: Werner Pawlok

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About Werner Pawlok

Nowhere is the legacy of Venetian history more prevalent than in the city’s historic palazzos. Photographer Werner Pawlok sought these sites for his latest work. The lagoon city’s unique villas represent the fame and wealth of long-established families that played an important role in the city’s history. These large, influential families made La Serenissima a center of trade, art, and culture. Pawlok’s photos depict the interiors of the palazzos in pulsating colors, creating an atmosphere that takes the viewer on a journey through time.

Artist of the month: Werner Pawlok

Accessing the glamorous palazzos in Venice is a special privilege, their richly decorated doors are not open to everyone. Luckily, Pawlok lives for his art, and he manages to communicate his passion very well. So well, that he could persuade the owners of the palazzos to welcome him into their home, enabling him to complete his project and create unique and radiant works of art out of their family estates. Destinations with distinguished historical ambience and impressive architecture have been a thematic Pawlok has sought in his previous work as well. His projects in Cuba and New Orleans were completed and met with great success. He captured the Cuban capital’s attitude toward life with a combination of revolutionary pride and Caribbean nostalgia. In New Orleans he immortalized the rich history of jazz as it has manifested within the bars and private colonial homes.

Werner Pawlok

I am always interested in new things. The day nothing interests me anymore, I’ll be dead.

Werner Pawlok

Werner Pawlok is an autodidactic and innovative photo artist that is always striving to break new ground. He gained recognition with his black-and-white polaroid portraits of famous writers, such as Amos Oz and Jonathan Franzen, that skillfully crossed the boundaries between painting and photography. His works have been exhibited all over the world for over 30 years, alongside works of other renowned artists, such as Stephen Shore and Helmut Newton.

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