Artist of the Month: Gavin Evans

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About Gavin Evans and The Session

David Bowie enters the studio, approaches Gavin Evans, and shakes his hand with a smile on his face. The legendary rock star is in good spirits; his new album is coming along splendidly. He is excited about this photo shoot, even if he did have to brave the London rain to get here. Evans looks Bowie in the eye then reaches for his camera. The rest is history: Evans portrays Bowie in a series of photographs that would become known around the world simply as The Session. Bowie in black-and-white, as energetic and charming as ever. Not a persona, but a real person.

Künstler des Monats: Gavin Evans

Evans has won multiple awards for his work, which has graced the cover of numerous international magazines and books. Staying true to his own style, Evans has photographed many giants from the world of art and music, including Ai Weiwei, Iggy Pop, and Nick Cave. He knows how to establish a personal connection and present the subject in a very immediate way.

Luc Dratwa

I create man in my own image.

Gavin Evans

David Bowie acknowledged the portraits by Evans as among his favorites. The legendary rock star’s personality is frozen in time with great finesse. Bowie is loud and quiet at the same time, humorous and serious. He calls out as if to share something important with us, then places a finger on his lips to hush us so he can speak. Naturally, we do as he says, waiting in quiet anticipation. We cannot wait to receive whatever message he has for us.

Zest and Innovation

Gavin Evans is an innovative photo artist who loves to experiment. He is always searching for new ways to execute his artistic ideas. That is why, he was excited to work with LUMAS on transforming his legendary photographs of David Bowie into an impressive series of lenticular art, in which the legendary musician’s many facets are brought more strongly to the fore. The Lazarus series combines traditional portrait photography with new technological developments; a testament to Evans’ drive to innovate. These lenticular pieces bring multiple photographs into a single work of art that changes depending on the where it is viewed from. This adds an impressive dynamic to the stillness of the portrait.

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